September 11, 2012
Special Animating Democracy Webinar on September 20!

Planning & Persuasion: The Role of the Arts in Shaping Municipal Futures
Thursday, September 20 at 2:00 p.m. (ET)

As municipalities and regions across the country go about the business of addressing complex issues and planning for their futures, arts and culture are being infused into planning and other public processes. Join us for this Americans for the Arts webinar, Planning & Persuasion: The Role of the Arts in Shaping Municipal Futures, which explores the capacities of arts and culture to enliven public process, enhance public dialogue and decision-making, and make for more diverse and meaningful public participation.

The one-hour webinar presented by a team of artists (Bob Leonard and Jon Catherwood-Ginn of Virginia Tech’s Department of Theatre Arts and Cinema) and planners (Carol Davis and Kim Thurlow of the New River Valley Planning District Commission) will help planners and other civic and community leaders understand how arts and culture can shake up and shape new and effective planning processes that are fun and fruitful. Artists and cultural leaders will learn how they can contribute creative assets and be valued important civic partners.


The webinar also offers a sneak preview of a forthcoming Animating Democracy Trend Paper on arts as a creative strategy in public planning and government by presenters Jon Catherwood-Ginn and Bob Leonard.

Also, for more exemplary arts and municipal planning projects, check out:


Photo credit: BUILT NRV board game (2012). Designed by Sojourn Theatre, New River Valley Planning District Commission. Photo by Jon Catherwood-Ginn.

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