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A Message From the President

Michael E. Crane, Director/Assistant General Counsel, Capital One

Don't Stand Still!

We've all heard the saying that if you stand still the world will pass you by.  Unfortunately, that saying applies to the practice of law - and even to our careers.  In the law - and at most companies - standing still can leave you dangerously behind the curve.  The good news is that between ACC Global and our Chapter, we have the resources you need to stay ahead.

Focusing on our Chapter (and leaving ACC Global for another day), we're, of course, offering a full slate of CLE Institutes in 2017, covering all the major practice areas, including crucial subjects important to all in-house counsel, such as contracts.  We're also offering our very popular one-day In-House Counsel Conference on April 27th at the Marriott in Center City, where you'll be able to take up to seven CLE credits, including up to three ethics credits.

That helps cover you on the substantive side, but you should always pay attention to the networking/personal side as well, as you never know when business circumstances may change and you may want to move on.  We've got you covered there as well, with numerous “Meet Your Counterparts” and Women's networking events, plus many other social opportunities, such as our Family Fun Softball Charity Game on July 20th, our Spring Fling and our Fall Gala.  We also run career management events throughout the year - and we recently had a great "Tips From the Top" event where 5 top GC's talked about their paths to the corner office.

What's Your Excuse?

And the list of events goes on (I haven't even talked about any of our specialty events, our pro bono offerings, or our diversity program).  But maybe the best thing about our Chapter events is that admission is free for members.  Getting and keeping all our events free for members has been a significant and difficult achievement, and is only possible by the herculean efforts of our volunteer leaders and the generous support of our many sponsors which include most of the large firms in our area.

With that as a background, if you're not already coming out to our events, what's your excuse?  Unfortunately, in today's world, we all have a heavy workload and many of us have family and other obligations, so I know it's not always an easy thing to take a morning out of the office to attend one of our Institutes or to come by after work to one of our social events.  That said, the one common refrain I hear from people in the midst of a career change is "I wish I had started coming out to ACC events earlier!"

Don't let that be you.  It's important to take time for your professional life because it probably won't take care of itself.  If you haven't been to one of our events lately, please go online to register now.  What are you waiting for?  Don't stand still; instead, get ahead!

Best regards,

Mike Crane, President
ACC Greater Philadelphia