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Glacier Photo Credit: Michelle Calvin-Casey Alaska Fall Conference Edition, September, 2009
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Regent's Message: Thanks to Keynote Speakers, ASHNHA and AHEN Panelists and Education Committees
Improvements and Replacements at South Peninsula Hospital
Ed Lamb Leaves Alaska Regional Hospital as CEO
Call for Board Member Nominations
Dr Joseph Bujak and Dr Thomas Atchison at Alaska Cluster
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Chapter Officers

Bruce W. Johnson, DHA, FACHE

James H. Brooks, Jr., FACHE

Lt Col David V. Gill, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Michelle E. Calvin-Casey, FACHE

Board of Directors
Dawn M. Carman. FACHE
Edward H. Lamb, FACHE
Victor J. Rosenbaum, FACHE
Michael Powers, FACHE
Christopher Galloway
Debbi Lehner, FACHE
Regent's Message: Thanks to Keynote Speakers, ASHNHA and AHEN Panelists and Education Committees
by Michelle Calvin-Casey, Regent for Alaska

We are pleased that Dr. Rulon Stacey, CEO of Poudre Valley Health System and Governor with the American College of Healthcare Executives will join us this year in Soldotna for the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association and Alaska Healthcare Executives Network (ASHNHA/AHEN) Fall Conference.  He will speak on his experience with Baldrige National Award and with Health Care Reform. Stacey_BIO_052709.pdf

Serving on a Panel is one of the best parts of the ASHNHA/AHEN Fall Conference.  We have the opportunity to learn so much from each other.  We also gain unique perspectives on the challenges that keep health care executives awake at night.  Here is the agenda for the panelists and topics presented for Category 1 and Category 2 credits. Alaska Healthcare Executives Fall Education Sep 8 9 2009 of 8.24.09 Soldotna Alaska.PDF

This years' panelists and staff include the following:

  • James H. Books Jr., FACHE - Providence Anesthesia Group
  • John F. Bringhurst Jr., FACHE - Petersburg Medical Center
  • Dawn M. Carman, FACHE - Denali Compliance Group
  • Michelle E. Calvin-Casey, FACHE - University of Alaska, Southeast
  • Mary Dyer - North Star Hospital
  • Chris G. Galloway - Providence Cancer Center
  • Jan C. Harris, FACHE - University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Bruce W. Johnson, DHA, FACHE - Alaska Native Medical Center
  • Robert F. Letson, FACHE - South Peninsula Hospital
  • Karl H. Sanford, FACHE - Banner Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
  • Deb Topham, Alaska Native Medical Center
  • Norman Wilder, MD, FACHE - Alaska Regional Hospital

Additional LTC Panelists and Simulation Technology staff include the following:

  • Ronald Adler
  • Theresa Brisky
  • Dave Cote
  • Charles C. Franz, FACHE 
  • Ann Langdon
  • Sally Mead
  • Kathy Murtiashaw
  • Paul Perry
  • Steve Pyle
  • Bill Streur
  • Lynn Synette

We also appreciate the Education Committee Members for their contributions to the Fall Conference:

  • Dennis Murray
  • Michelle Calvin-Casey, FACHE 
  • James H. Brooks Jr., FACHE 
  • Vince Gill
  • Bruce W. Johnson, DHA, FACHE

Please join us in thanking all who are contributing to the Fall Conference. 


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Save October 23, 2009 for Dr. Terry Raymer, MD and a Panel of Diabetes Professionals for our Journal Club Networking Call at Noon.  This is a brown bag option lunch for those who can attend in person.  Chapter will provide healthy snacks.  Take a look at the following link to learn more:

Last Chance: Save the date and your education dollars by joining the ASHNHA/ACHE Annual Fall Conference in Soldotna, September 8-11 at Central Peninsula Hospital.  September 8-9, 2009 AHEN Educational Registration is in person and is fully sponsored with the exception of lodging, and transportation.  Here is the link for lodging, if you have not already made your reservations. Save The Date - PC.pdf

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