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Winter 2009
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  Chapter Officers

Bruce W. Johnson, DHA, FACHE

James H. Brooks, Jr., FACHE

Lt Col David V. Gill, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Michelle E. Calvin-Casey, FACHE

Board of Directors
Dawn M. Carman. FACHE
Victor J. Rosenbaum, FACHE
Michael Powers, FACHE
Christopher Galloway
Debbi Lehner, FACHE
Member Profile: LtCol James Cohen, One Veteran Who Keeps on Serving
by Bruce Johnson, Chapter President

LtCol James Cohen continues to enjoy his distinguished military career including service abroad.  Recently, he shared how he has come back to serve at Kulis Air Force in a health care administrator role.  In addition, he works as a civil servant in the Contracting Division at Elmendorf Air Force Base.  He reports that the Elmendorf and Fort Richardson units are merging. So, many services like contracting, are being streamlined to avoid duplication of efforts.  Lt Col Cohen also enjoys professional affiliations like the Massage Therapy Group in Alaska.  He values ACHE continuing education provided by the Chapter.  He has accepted the invitation to serve on the Chapter Finance and Audit Committees.  To learn more about James Cohen, please see his short biography, as follows: Bio Cohen.PDF

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