4th Quarter Newsletter 2017
Newsletter Editor: AJ Thomas, AIA, ACHA
Co-editor: Erika Martinez
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A Message From Your ACHE Regent
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Bring Out the Most in Your Employees: 10 Tips for Managers
Ransomware Tops List of Health Technology Safety Hazards
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AHE Annual Member and Recognition Dinner, Pictures
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Chapter Officers
George Sterling

Peggy Altamura, FACHE

VP Programming
Sheila Schmidt

VP Sponsorship
AJ Thomas, AIA, ACHA

VP Membership Services
Joanne Schlosser, FACHE

Lisa Betancourt

Tamika Simmons

Member at Large 
Jackie Hunter- Diversity 
Rona Curphy, FACHE- CEO Liaison 

Southern AZ Program Council
Richard Parker, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Jim Flinn, JD, FACHE

Regent for Arizona
Jim Flinn, JD, FACHE
A Message From Your ACHE Regent
Contributed By: James T. Flinn, JD, FACHE

Fall 2017
In October many of us attended the AHE Annual Dinner. The event was full of camaraderie among colleagues and old friends. I want to thank our Chapter President, George Sterling, for organizing such a delightful evening. This night is a way to update the Chapter on what has been accomplished throughout the year and what is ahead of us as we move forward. Congratulations to all of those who were recognized for either your past or current contributions to ACHE or the Chapter. We also took the opportunity to congratulate all of our new Fellows for their significant accomplishment this year.

As your Regent for Arizona I participated in the Fall District Meeting in September. Again at this meeting we assessed where each local Chapter is in relation to Chapter Priorities and the reinstatement campaigns. We were also provided an update as to the ACHE 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. During our review session, the following directions were noted:
• Continue to develop ACHE into a best-in-class learning organization
• Increase membership diversity and engagement across the continuum of care
• Continue to support and provide resources to local chapters
• Personalize the member experience based on career-stage, educational needs, and predictive analytics
• Gaining recognition as an essential industry partner
• Connecting ACHE activities to improve health outcomes in our communities.

There is no doubt that our local chapter and ACHE are in good hands and have terrific momentum as we move into 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and were able to take some time to visit with family and friends.

All the best,

James T. Flinn, JD, FACHE
Regent for Arizona
Chief Executive Officer
St Luke's Medical Center/Tempe St Luke's Hospital





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