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They Pay You for Your Wisdom and Judgement


Contributed by Peggy Altamura, FACHE, FHFMA

A wish-list of healthcare leaders in Arizona with whom to sit for a conversation. Reason enough to renew an annual membership in ACHE. Intimate gatherings of AHE members that draw a variety of students, physicians, executives, and leaders from all areas of healthcare. A place to connect, to learn, and to be inspired.

Learning from Experience programs are memorable. Unscripted and delivered from the heart, work and life challenges, inflection points, and lessons are gifted in the spirit of working together to improve healthcare.

In August, the Learning from Experience program was delivered and hosted by Mark Slyter, President and CEO of the East Valley market, Dignity Health Arizona which includes Chandler Regional Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.

Mark Slyter has served in healthcare administration roles for more than twenty years, including president and CEO of Baton Rouge (La.) General/General Health System and president and CEO of Jackson, Miss.-based Baptist Health Systems. He earned his doctorate in health services administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Mark’s conversation covered a wide range of topics. He speaks quietly. With his calm, humble delivery, Mark spoke of his appreciation for the benefits mentors contributed to his career. He described a variety of mentors from various fields and areas of his life. Mark credits a mentor for teaching him to pause in a moment he thought he was absolutely right and to remember “there may be more than one right”.

Professional coaches also earned respect. Mark said the best advice he received was from a professional coach who told him, “They don’t pay you to be tough or smart. They pay you for your wisdom and judgement.”  Mark added that the value of a leader is in the ability to use experience, evidence, and collective knowledge – to use the wisdom of the team. To develop the depth of collective knowledge, find your network, be connecting, meet new folks, reach out.

What gets Mark “charged up” is putting the puzzle pieces together. In his current role, he has great opportunity to enjoy doing that. Various puzzle pieces were discussed, but you had to be there…

One piece I will mention is safety. Mark’s team is focused on safety and he gave information on the current status of patient safety that is exciting. If you are interested in learning what is working for them, connect to learn more.

What happens in AHE does not stay in AHE. It travels, grows, develops, and enhances other organizations. Stories and fragments of information are seeds of confidence and develop paths of investigation. Thank you, Mark Slyter for sharing and inspiring, and Dignity Health for hosting. Thank you, participants for adding to our collective base of knowledge.



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