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June 2018
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2018 Chapter Officers

Frances Roesch, FACHE 

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Vice Chair

Todd Stepaniuk, FACHE  

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Paula Neves, PhD

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Leslie Benecki, FACHE 

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Danielle Swerhone
Message from Your ACHE Regent


Hello to everyone from across our ACHE Canadian Chapter, and hope this finds you all well and enjoying the warmer days of spring into summer.

Healthcare today seems like a very different industry than the one I learned about in grad school or entered into as an early careerist. Our shared commitments of meeting the needs of the patient first has not changed, but everything else feels like it has.  While looking back always seems so easy to do, the bigger and more rationale part of me knows that we are heading in a direction that is more aligned with why most of us pursued careers in healthcare leadership to start off with — to ultimately improve the health and lives of the people we serve. All these changes can feel bit unsettling at times, because the skills and knowledge base needed to succeed in healthcare are evolving all the time, and healthcare leaders that do not keep up with these changes will fall behind.

That is where your ACHE Canadian Chapter is an asset to you. The new Board has reviewed and discussed the new strategic plan for the chapter. The plan involved input from all committees being represented on the Board. The plan provides for many different opportunities to participate in the Chapter. These opportunities provide a great way to connect and network with other healthcare executives. I have always found supportive networks to be one of the greatest personal and professional gains I have experienced over my 25 years as a member of ACHE.

So, being a member of ACHE, you get a two-for-one bargain. When you pay your dues to the National ACHE in Chicago, you automatically become a member of the ACHE Canadian Chapter! A person gets the benefits of the national perspective, and the local access and connection to events occurring in Canada. If you are already a member, I thank you! I encourage you to consider how you can deepen your engagement with the Chapter, and therefore your own learning and networking. Consider signing up to join a committee, nominate yourself for a national committee, or advance to Fellow and earn your FACHE credential. Consider encouraging other people in your organizations to join ACHE. Lifelong learning and professional development is not a passive activity; everyone always has more to do than time to do it, but consider contributing to your own professional growth and a sense of connecting with others through ACHE.

As your Regent and bridge between ACHE and the local Chapter I can bring resources to focus on strategic issues such as growth, diversity and inclusion of healthcare leaders. The Board and I are very receptive to hear suggestions for the Chapter at any time. The Board strives to be transparent, accessible, and remains incredibly committed to making sure we are ever-increasing in value we provide to all our members. 

Upcoming opportunities to consider:

ACHE Cluster in Vancouver, BC on September 24-27, 2018. This is a great opportunity to achieve face-to face credits with ACHE, as these clusters are not regularly held in Canada. Registration is still accepted right now for this cluster.

To reduce the barriers to educational programming for ACHE members experiencing economic hardship, ACHE has established the Tuition Waiver Program. ACHE makes available a limited number of tuition waivers available to members and Fellows whose organizations lack the resources to fund their tuition for many different educational programs. All requests are due no less than eight weeks before the program date, with notification to the individual not less than six weeks before the program date. Go to ache.org/Tuition Waiver.

Consider giving back to your profession with a donation to the Foundation of ACHE Fund for Healthcare Leadership. Your contribution helps the next generation of leaders by providing scholarships, education and resources needed to make an impact on the future of healthcare. Consider donating to the Fund at ache.org/Fund.

We may all come from different organizations and have different perspectives, but we have much in common and much to share with and learn from one another as we work together to improve the health and quality of life for our fellow Canadians.

At this time, I wish to thank you all for your leadership, as leadership is essential. There are numerous people, patients, families, staff that count on us to be courageous in our vision and actions on a daily basis. It is my pleasure and honour to continue to serve as your ACHE Regent. I can always be reached through dswerhone@gmail.com. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can assist you as your Regent for Canada.

With enthusiasm,

Danielle K Swerhone, RN, FACHE, FCCHL
Regent for Canada

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Sep 24-27, 2018 - ACHE Vancouver Cluster Seminars, Vancouver

Four days, eight seminars, twelve education credits, unlimited networking opportunities. Join us in beautiful Vancouver, BC for information-packed seminars on leadership, relationship-building, breakthrough thinking and more. Tuition waivers available. For more information visit www.ache.org/Events - Clusters - Vancouver.

Mar 4-7, 2019 - ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, Chicago
    MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Congress offers sessions on a wide range of topics: 
    • Career Management/Workforce Issues
    • Facility Design and Planning
    • Healthcare Finance
    • Healthcare Reform Strategies and Tactics
    • Healthcare Operations
    • Information and Clinical Technology
    • Organizational Development and Leadership
    • Patient and Care Management
    • Physician Relationships and Partnerships
    • Quality and Patient Safety
    Share your expertise. Connect with peers. Learn from recognized healthcare leaders. To register visit www.ache.org/Congress.


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