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President ACHECF

William P. Perno, FACHE
Director of Clinical Operations
Florida Hospital Healthcare System
Email: Bill.Perno@flhosp.org

President Elect

Dewane Pace, FACHE
Health Central
Email: Dewane.Pace@healthcentral.org


Ann E. Corniel
Alliance Operations Manager
Florida Hospital
Email: Ann.Corniel@flhosp.org

Immediate Past President

Janis Moysey
Florida Hospital
Email: Janis.Moysey@flhosp.org

Board Members:

Judy Killebrew, FACHE (Membership Chairperson)

Jake Kirchner, DPM (Program Chairperson)

Jennifer L. McCarthy, FACHE (Sponsorship Chairperson)

Janell Smith, Student Representative (Communications Chair)

Email address for ACHE of CF



ACHE of Central Florida 2013 Sponsors

Message from the President

Dear Members, Colleagues, and Sponsors,

We are all well into our respective year as healthcare professionals, filled with an unusual amount of foreseen change, some level of uncertainty, and strategic challenge. Now with the political season and our own chapter elections behind us, your Board of Directors has a clear path this year for ACHE of Central Florida to serve you better. On behalf of the Board of Directors and chapter officers, we invite you to be engaged with us as we share and discover a wealth of knowledge through networking and educational events as well as new initiatives for individual participation in the operation of the local chapter.

During the month of January, the ACHE of Central Florida Chapter Board met and set forth A 2015 Vision. The vision aligns national ACHE objectives of maintaining member growth, financial stability, and member value. Your chapter board, filled with excitement and clear direction, believes our strength and value will be sustained by three core principles crafting our 2015 Vision of “Driving Awareness, Maintaining Vitality, and Increasing Visibility.”

We highly recommend the upcoming six (6) educational events in 2013 and some already planned for 2014, multiple networking opportunities being considered, and best of all, your input into some new programs/initiatives from Volunteering Your Way, Fellowship Scholarships, New Member Recognition, Member Referral Rewards, Mentor/Protégé Connections, and many more…

Thank you for your support in 2012 and we look forward to supporting you in 2013 and beyond.

Best regards,

William P. Perno, FACHE


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