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2015 ACHECF Officers

Chapter President
Jake Kirchner, DPM
Director, Strategy and Business Development   
Florida Hospital
Email: jkirchner33@gmail.com

Chapter Vice-President
Cami Leech Florio, FACHE   
Director, Business Development & Physician Outreach,
Wuesthoff Medical Center-Rockledge
E-mail: clflorio1@gmail.com

Chapter Treasurer
William J. Pfingsten, FACHE
Vice President Ambulatory Services   
Central Florida Health Alliance
Email: bpfingsten@cfhalliance.org

Chapter Secretary
John Martin
Assistant Alliance Manager
Florida Hospital - Strategic Ventures Group
Email: john.martin@knights.ucf.edu

Chapter Past President
Interim Regent - Eastern Florida
William P. Perno, FACHE
Assistant Vice President, Clinical Integration
Florida Hospital Healthcare System
Email: bill.perno@flhosp.org


Membership Chairperson
Sarah Kirchner
Continuous Improvement Fellow
Email: Sarah.Kirchner@nemours.org

Membership Chairperson Elect
Fran DiFede, MBA
Program Director of Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine
Director of Express Care (Urgent Care)
Health Central Hospital, a part of Orlando Health
Email: fran.difede@healthcentral.org

Programs Chairperson
Louis Katz
Florida Hospital
Email: louisgkatz@gmail.com

Programs Chairperson Elect
Aurora Realin    
Diversity and Inclusion Manager   
Florida Hospital
E-mail: aurora.realin@flhosp.org

Communications Chairperson
Ron Gicca
Chief Operating Officer   
Wuesthoff Hospital - Melbourne
E-mail: ron.gicca@hma.com

Communications Chairperson Elect
Sara Virgin
Marketing Specialist
Wuesthoff Health System
E-mail: sara1041@att.net

Sponsorship Chairperson
Sheila Ortiz
Core Imaging Marketing Leader
Email: sheilaortiz@outlook.com

Sponsorship Chairperson Elect
Rick Smith, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer   
Health Central Hospital
Email: rick.smith@healthcentral.org

LPC Chairperson
Christopher Wood
Senior Strategic Planning Analyst
Central Florida Health Alliance


LPC Chairperson Elect
David Larrick
Marketing Manager    
Central Florida Health Alliance
Email: dlarrick@cfhalliance.org

Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson
Marisol Romany
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Orlando Health
Email: marisol.romany@orlandohealth.com

Member At Large
Bernardo Ramirez, MD
Associate Professor
University of Central Florida
Email: bernardo.ramirez@ucf.edu

Student Representative
Gloria Coicou
University of Central Florida
Email: gloria.coicou@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant
Kimberly A. Wolff
(321) 591-4197
Email: kimberlywolff@outlook.com


Message from the President - Q2 2015


As you embark upon your journey for career advancement within the field of healthcare, it is important to recall the term excellence. Wikipedia describes excellence as “a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.” In Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, he mentions that “it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work” and “rare tranquility… comes from knowing that you’ve had a hand in creating something of intrinsic excellence that makes a contribution.” The point of the above is to say that personal excellence is key to personal and organizational success, and drives altruistic behaviors.

The encyclopedic website goes on to explain that “excellence is a continuously moving target” and is a “much overused buzzword that tries to convey a good impression without imparting any concrete information.” Fear not the overuse!  What this means is that excellence is a very broad-stroking word that can encompass everything you do. The journey is ongoing and can be painful at times, and excellence does not come easy. If conveying a good impression is the result of excellence, remember that form follows function!

Five ways you can deploy excellence in your daily work life:

1.    Excellence in your demeanor – your posture, dress, non-verbal communication and attention to relationship building will create an air of professionalism and build confidence in those around you.

2.    Excellence in your environment – pick up trash that you see lying on the ground, even if nobody is looking, put a stop to smokers if your grounds are nonsmoking, treating your place of employment like you would your home will show others how much you care.

3.    Excellence in your personal communication – Even when you are stretched thinly to get work done, a clearly written, albeit short e-mail will be more effective than one with too few words.  Communicating with the intent of understanding will ALWAYS save time on the back end.

4.    Excellence in your work products – Whether your work product is a simple report or a construction facility, detail oriented excellence will help to leave a legacy of quality and produce returns through reputation, satisfaction and organizational success.

5.    Excellence in your effort – Going ‘above and beyond’ the norm will show others that you are passionate about the field of healthcare.  At the end of the day in healthcare, there are patients’ lives at stake and you cannot, for even one minute, allow those around you to think you are a disengaged leader.  Encourage others to volunteer, and lead by example!

There is no better way for a healthcare administrator to show their badge of excellence than advancing to become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Through the end of June, $200 promotional discounts exist to those who take the Board of Governors Exam and ongoing support comes through the Central Florida chapter in the form of a 2015 Chapter Innovation Grant for Fellowship Advancement. For more information on this grant and advancement, contact Cami Leech Florio at clflorio1@gmail.com.

In Health,


Jake Kirchner, DPM, MHSA
Board Member, Chapter President, ACHE of Central Florida


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