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2016 ACHECF Officers

Chapter President
Jake Kirchner, DPM
Director, Strategy and Business Development   
Florida Hospital
Email: jkirchner33@gmail.com

Chapter Vice-President
Rick Smith, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
Health Central Hospital
Email: rick.smith@healthcentral.org 

Chapter Treasurer
John W.Martin, MSHSA
Florida Hospital - Strategic Alliance Group
Email: john.martin@flhosp.org

Chapter Secretary
Frank Fiorito
Project Manager, CVI Bundled Payments
Florida Hospital
Email: frank.fiorito@flhosp.org

Regent - Eastern Florida

Donald G. Henderson, FACHE
CEO of Central Florida Health 
Email: donhenderson@cfhalliance.org


Membership Chairperson

Fran DiFede, MBA
Program Director of Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine
Director of Express Care (Urgent Care)
Health Central Hospital, a part of Orlando Health


Membership Chairperson Elect
Brian Tamburro
Health Center Manager, Center for Living Well - Walt Disney World
Premise Health



Programs Chairperson
James Jiloty
Advisor, Talent Development and Performance Improvement
Healthcare Performance Solumtions, Success Profiles, Inc.


Programs Chairperson Elect
Aurora Realin    
Diversity and Inclusion Manager   
Florida Hospital


Communications Chairperson 
Sara Virgin
Avante Centers


Communications Chairperson Elect
Matt Abbene
Performance Improvement Project Coordinator
Florida Hospital


Sponsorship Chairperson
Justina Oldehoff
Assistant Director
Florida Hospital


Sponsorship Chairperson Elect
Carla Sampson, FACHE
Doctoral Candidate
Health Management and Informatics, UCF College of Health and Public Affairs


LPC Chairperson
Donny Abraham
System Director, Ambulatory 
Central Florida Health Alliance


LPC Co-Chair
Jason Langley
System Manager, Decision Support & Financial Planning

Central Florida Health Alliance



LPC Chairperson Elect
Courtney Ortega    
Florida Hospital Waterman


Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson
Marisol Romany
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Orlando Health


Senior Executive Advisor
Ron Gicca
Chief Operating Officer
Wuesthoff Medical Center - Melbourne


Higher Education Chair
P. Shannon Elswick, FACHE
Lecturer and Executive in Residence
Health Management and Informatics, UCF College of Health and Public Affairs


Student Representative
Sara Yepes
Senior Fiscal Assistant & MSHSA Candidate  
University of Central Florida


Chapter Coordinator

Beth Rodriguez





Message from the President - Q1-2016


I’d like you to close your eyes and think about your favorite tune.

If the song is newer, chances are you like it because it sounds fresh, innovative, or tells a story you connect with. The song has a special unique quality to it that you have not experienced, but draws you in to it. Perhaps the artist is someone relatable, bonding you to the music.

If your song choice is older, it has brought you comfort in the past. Something familiar in its nature brings you to a place of inner peace, incites feelings of love, or brings on a rush of adrenaline. With your eyes closed, you feel the steady harmonic rhythm and cord progression and your specific song choice brings you energy.

Welcome to the Symphony of Healthcare Management. On a regular basis, issues and trends will pop up that feel completely new, causing confusion through our unfamiliarity. At first, these issues can bring quite a bit of excitement into our lives (ex: Affordable Care Act, Bundled Payments, ICD-10). Eventually, we realize that some of these healthcare songs have a familiar cadence or beat to them.

Sometimes it seems that in the healthcare industry, what’s old is new again, and we are simply rehashing the classics in new ways, similar to how the music industry is constantly reinventing itself. Let’s remember the training we have had, act with kindness and patience, and work proactively. At the end of the day, people still matter most. Organizational culture, finance, technical proficiency and communication will still drive our organizations forward. These are the tools of leadership excellence that we use to manage new issues in a changing healthcare environment. For those of you who attended ACHE’s 2016 Congress, know we are prepared to “Lead Well’. So take a deep breath and relax – you’ve got this.

ACHE provides you with many opportunities for advancement through healthcare management excellence. Take advantage of the opportunities for career support, resume review, educational opportunities, volunteerism and more. Our Central Florida Chapter is committed to supporting you in your journey to Fellowship accreditation. If you are seeking a new path forward in your career, engage with our Central Florida chapter. I guarantee you will find value in networking as you share industry best practices with other area leaders. We have many senior leaders who have dedicated themselves to fostering a spirit of curiosity and learning within our Central Florida chapter.

As a final note, I am pleased to announce that 2015 was another banner year for the American College of Healthcare Executives of Central Florida. We saw progress that resulted in a record number of event attendees, chapter sponsors, our membership grew by over 12% and membership satisfaction soared to previously unreached heights, leaving us in a position of financial strength. In 2016 we will use this position of financial strength by reinvesting in your membership, as you have already seen in January through our Inaugural Gala event and will continue to see through our expanding event schedule and partnerships. The role you have played as a highly engaged membership has led to national recognition again in 2015 as we were recognized as a Chapter of Distinction, and are one of only ten chapters in the country to receive the Award of Sustained Performance. Thank you for being a part of our song in 2015 and for the roles you have played in achieving this sustained success. I invite you to turn up the music and dance with us again in 2016!


In Health,



Jake Kirchner, DPM, MHSA

Board Member, Chapter President, ACHE of Central Florida




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ACHE Central Florida 2016 Events

April 7, 2016

ACHE of Central Florida
“Meet the CEO"

Central Florida ACHE would like to invite you to meet

Dana Nicholson Bledsoe, FACHE, MBA,

President of Nemour’s Children’s Hospital

in Orlando’s Lake Nona Medical City

rPlease periodically check the ACHE of CF Website for registration information.

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