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2017 ACHECF Officers

Chapter President

Rick Smith, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
Orlando Health - Health Central


Chapter Vice-President

Fran DiFede
Program Director of Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine
Director of Diabetes Education 
Orlando Health-Health Central Hospital


Chapter Treasurer

Kelley Lamb
Florida Hospital


Chapter Secretary

Frank Fiorito
Project Manager, CVI Bundled Payments
Florida Hospital


Regent - Eastern Florida

Donald G. Henderson, FACHE
CEO of Central Florida Health 



Membership Chairperson

Marko Grguric
Manager, Application Services
Orlando Health
Health Central Hospital


Membership Chairperson-Elect

Kim Kapes
Florida Hospital


Programs Chairperson

Donny Abraham, RN, FACHE
System, Admin Director Ambulatory
Central Florida Health


Programs Chairperson-Elect

Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director, of Business Development Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health


Communications Chairperson 

Justina Oldehoff
Assistant Director
Florida Hospital


Communications Chairperson-Elect

Matthee Abbene
Florida Hospital


Sponsorship Chairperson

Nathaniel Torres
Director, Strategic Accounts
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.


Sponsorship Chairperson-Elect

Open Position

LPC Chairperson

Courtney Holcomb, MSH, LSSGB
Performance Improvement Project Manager
Florida Hospital Waterman


LPC Chairperson-Elect

Chad Ballard
Bussiness Development Director



Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson

Maya Jaskot
Senior Client Director
GE Healthcare


Senior Executive Advisor

Frank Faust
Administrative Director of Marketing
Central Florida Health


Higher Education Chair

P. Shannon Elswick, FACHE
Lecturer and Executive in Residence
Health Management and Informatics, UCF College of Health and Public Affairs


Student Representative

Sara Yepes
Senior Fiscal Assistant & MSHSA Candidate  
University of Central Florida


Chapter Coordinator
Beth Rodriguez




Message from Your ACHE Regent - Q4-2017


 Dear Colleague:


Years ago I was a newly-minted MHA with very little practical experience beyond the part-time jobs I had working at a local hospital in an entry-level position.  Fortunately, my MHA program assisted me in securing a one-year residency experience that would enable me to begin to learn about what the “real world” of hospital administration was all about.


I am very indebted to the hospital in Maryland that was kind enough to create a spot for me as an administrative resident.  I would also like to thank Alan Channing, LFACHE (just retired as CEO of Mt. Sinai Health in Chicago).  Alan was a wonderful mentor, and he allowed me to have a small desk in the corner of his large office for the entire year.  While there, I tried to be seen but not heard.  Alan went out of his way to make sure that no conversations or interactions were off limits to me during this period.  It immediately became apparent that reality was far different from the theoretical constructs that I had learned.


The reason that I am resurrecting this ancient history is that you, as a senior healthcare executive in Florida, have a chance to mentor the next generation of healthcare leaders.
ACHE has teamed up with the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity in Health Management to offer a Summer Internship Program. Your mentorship of an intern will help further the mission of ACHE and AHA to increase the number of individuals entering and advancing in the field from ethnically, culturally, and racially diverse backgrounds.  Interns will work for your organization in the summer between their first and second years of master’s training in healthcare. Here is a handy link in order to sign up:




I have found that each time I have taken the opportunity to mentor either an intern or a resident it has been a rewarding experience.  It certainly gives you the chance to “pay it forward” from those who gave you a chance when you had little or no experience.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to influence the next great generation of hospital and health system leaders who will need extraordinary preparation to successfully navigate the turbulent years ahead.


Finally, you should consider that you or a loved one will wind up in a hospital bed at some point in the future.  With luck, this could be years away, or it could be sooner than you think.  What type of qualities would you like to see in the person who ultimately will be directing the course of your care?  The efforts that we can all make now will pay dividends for us one day when we are peeking out from under the bed covers at our caregivers.   




Donald G. Henderson, FACHE

ACHE Regent for Florida - Eastern


email:  donhenderson@centflhealth.org

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