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2018 ACHECF Officers

Chapter President
Donny Abraham, RN, FACHE
Admin. Director of Ambulatory Care
Central Florida Health


Chapter President-Elect
Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director of Business Development
Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health


Chapter Treasurer
Daniel Honerbrink, FACHE
Corporate Director
Orlando Health Imaging Center


Chapter Secretary
Scott Sturgess, MBA, MT (ASCP)
Manager, Application services
Lab & Ancillary Services
Orlando Health


Immediate Past President
Rick Smith, FACHE
Health Central Florida Hospital

Regent - Eastern Florida
Donald G. Henderson, FACHE
Central Florida Health




Membership Chairperson
Dawn Gates, RN
Director of the Outpatient Heart, Lung, and Vascular Institute
Florida hospital

Membership Chairperson-Elect
Shannon Rogers-Cruz
Market Manager, Palm Beach Market
HCA Physician Services-East Florida Division


Programs Chairperson
Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director of Business Development
Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health


Programs Chairperson-Elect


Communications Chairperson

Sara Yepes
The Hartford
Senior Ability Analyst


Communications Chairperson-Elect
Matthew Abbene
Florida Hospital


Partnership Chairperson
Nathaniel Torres
Johnson  & Johnson


Partnership Chairperson-Elect
Madhu Shettian, Ph.D.
Central Florida Health


Lake County Local Programs Chairperson
Clayton Davis
System Director, Therapy Services
Central Florida Health


Lake County Local Programs Chairperson-Elect

Joy Sylvester 
Orlando Health


Volusia County Local Programs Chair
Steve Mach
Director, Patient Financial Services
Halifax, Health 


Volusia County Local Programs -Co Chair
Antoun N. Matar
Finance Manager
Halifax Health-Medical Group


Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson
Aurora Realin
Manager, Diversity, and Inclusion
Florida Hospital


Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson-Elect
Gloria I San Miguel, MSHS
Orlando Family Physicians
Vice President of Operations                  


Senior Executive Advisor
Cami Leech Florio
Hospice of St. Francis


Higher Education Chair
P. Shannon Elswick, FACHE
Lecturer and Executive in Residence
Health Management and Informatics
UCF College of Health and Public Affairs


Student Representative
Jason Washington
Front Office Administrator
Florida Hospital


Chapter Coordinator
Beth Rodriguez


ACHE Regent Message- Q4-2018

Dear Colleague:

Similar to most of Florida, we have a large percentage of local residents who reside in retirement communities. Contrary to historical stereotypes, most of these residents are well-educated and are extremely knowledgeable about medical issues and medical technology. They also have the benefit of available time, which allows them to thoroughly research topics of interest. Receiving high quality medical care is a major retiree concern, since they utilize healthcare services on a disproportionate basis. As such, it would be of value for healthcare executives to establish an ongoing dialogue with this customer base.

Most hospital websites that I have seen have a nice mission statement, and sometimes a message from the organization's CEO expressing a strong commitment to meeting community needs. However, after this, the aura begins to fade. Are you willing to put your actual picture on your website? In addition, are you willing to put either your email address and/or a phone number so that retirees and other patients can contact you directly with any concerns? At our health system, the pictures, names, titles, and email addresses for each person at the VP level and above are posted for anyone to see and utilize.

I relate this to the classic story about someone catching you at the local grocery store to give you direct feedback about their recent hospital stay. I have been told sometimes by hospital staff that when they are shopping for groceries after work, they will either remove their name tag, or turn it over to keep from being stopped by patients. However, I would argue that if you are not proud enough to wear your hospital name tag in public, this is a not-so-subtle indication that you may have issues that need to be addressed.

While our pictures and email addresses have been posted online for years, it is largely retirees that will respond and communicate directly with me as the CEO. I try to always write them back within 24 hours, or at least copy them on return email correspondence if I need to refer their concerns to one of our staff members for follow up.

I would challenge all senior executives to "wear your name tag proudly" and to not hide from the public and your retirees, who have so much to offer. These individuals can be a valuable source for unvarnished feedback about your organizational performance. They can also serve as community volunteers for your Auxiliary, and may wish to donate money to your Foundation for worthy causes. However, to take the next step, it will be necessary to establish the conduit for two-way communication.

Can you think of anything more worthy than making time in your busy schedule for direct communication with those who need and utilize your healthcare services most? I can't.


Donald G. Henderson, FACHE 
Regent for Florida - Eastern
President and CEO 
Central Florida Health 




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