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2019 ACHECF Officers

The Central Florida Chapter officers of ACHE are here to help you. Please use the information below to send an email or speak to a chapter officer.


Chapter President
Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director of Business Development
Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health


Chapter President-Elect
Daniel Honerbrink, FACHE
Corporate Director
Orlando Health Imaging Center

Chapter Treasurer
Daniel Honerbrink, FACHE
Corporate Director
Orlando Health Imaging Center

Chapter Secretary
Scott Sturgess, MBA, MT (ASCP)
Manager, Application services
Lab & Ancillary Services
Orlando Health


Immediate Past President
Donny Abraham, RN, FACHE
Vice President, Emergency Services
HCA, Orlando Market

Regent - Eastern Florida
Ashley Vertuno, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
Westside Regional Medical Center


Membership Chairperson
Dawn Gates, RN
Director of the Outpatient Heart, Lung,
and Vascular Institute

Membership Chairperson-Elect

Jorge Amaro
Chief Executive Officer 

Programs Chairperson
Neil Mangus

Programs Chairperson-Elect

Gordon B. Wesley, DBA, RT(R), FACHE
Executive Director | Cardiovascular Institute


Communications Chairperson-Elect

Chad Ballard
Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc

Partnership Chairperson
Nathaniel Torres
Johnson & Johnson

Partnership Chairperson-Elect
Laura Burke

Lake County Local Programs Chairperson
Clayton Davis
System Director, Therapy Services
Central Florida Health

East Florida LPC Chairperson
Nancy Marx
NancyMarx & Associates

East Florida LPC Chairperson-Elect

Shannon Rogers-Cruz
Market Manager, Palm Beach Market
HCA Physician Services-East Florida Division

Volusia County Local Programs Chair
Antoun N. Matar
Finance Manager
Halifax Health-Medical Group

Volusia County Local Programs -Co Chair
Enzo Pistritto
Flagler Health

Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson
Gloria I San Miguel, MSHS
GuiedeWell Sanitas I, LLC

Senior Executive Advisor
Esteban Varela MD
Vice Chief of Medical Staff, HCA
Professor of Surgery, UCF, FS

Higher Education Chair
P. Shannon Elswick, FACHE
Lecturer and Executive in Residence
Health Management and Informatics
UCF College of Health and Public Affairs

Student Representatives
Katie Budrawich
Master of Health Administration Candidate
University of Central Florida

Zubin Sethi


Chapter Coordinator
Beth Rodriguez


President Message - Q3-2019

Hello, Central Florida healthcare leaders. As summer officially comes to an end, I’m sure you’ll agree that we were lucky this year. Hurricane Dorian made the turn north and spared central Florida from a much more devastating impact. However, the coastline and our neighbors to the south saw devastation and loss – our thoughts and prayers are with them.

I want to thank the members of the ACHECF Board for their voluntary service to our chapter, and the deliberate work to deliver valued services to our 550+ active members. The focus has been on engaging members: new, established, and those who let their membership lapse. I want to thank Dawn Gates and the Membership Committee for their efforts to reach out and connect with members. We continue to have strong support from our Partner/Sponsor organizations, so I would like to recognize them and say “thank you” from the chapter:

Titanium Level: AdventHealth and Orlando Health

Platinum Level: Nemours, Children’s Health System; Lumeris; UCF, Dept of Health Management and Informatics

Gold Level: Hill-Rom, Cerner, Hunton-Brady

Silver Level: Gilbane, MCRG, CPPI, Johnson-Johnson, Central Florida Health, TLC Engineering

2019 ACHE Chapter Members Survey: ACHE just released the 2019 Chapter Member Survey Results. The survey is conducted annually to assess members’ awareness of and satisfaction with their local chapter. The ACHECF Board uses this information to formulate strategies for 2020 in the areas of member engagement, education, and creative ways to deliver value to our members. There are four questions to the survey. Here are some highlights from the survey:

- # surveyed = 282; responses = 84; 30% response rate

- Questions:

 1. How familiar are you with our chapter’s activities and services?

--- 70 of 84 responses were completely or somewhat familiar with chapter activities

 1a. On a scale of 1 “poor” and 5 “excellent,” rate your satisfaction with your chapter.

--- 2019 score was 4.0; up from 3.99 in 2018; the mean of all chapters was 3.90

2. In the past year, did you attend any of your chapter’s meetings or events?

--- 61% of responses said yes; up from 57% in 2018; the mean of all chapters was 51%

 2a. On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate your overall satisfaction with the meetings or events you attended?

--- Score for 2019 was 4.43; up from 4.40 in 2018; the mean of all chapters was 4.38

 3. Which of the following would make it more likely that you would increase your attendance at chapter education & network events? I would be more likely to attend if …

--- Locations were more convenient to me: 49% in 2019; up from 45% in 2018

--- I would receive face-to face credit for attending: 39% in 2019; up from 35% in 2018

--- Topics were more interesting to me: 23% in 2019; down from 31% in 2018

--- I knew it would make a difference to my profession or in my work: 23% in 2019; down from 28% in 2018

--- The cost of educational and networking events were lower: 14% in 2019; down from 17% in 2018

--- I could receive more credit hours for attending: 23% in 2019; up from 16% in 2018

--- Networking opportunities at the events were better: no change 16% in 2018 and 2019

--- The speakers were more interesting to me: 13% in 2019; down from 22% in 2018

--- My employer supported my participation as an attendee: 3% in 2019; down from 9% in 2018

--- My past experience with ACHE education/networking had been better: 4% in 2019; up from 3% in 2018

--- None of the above: 19% in 2019; up from 11% in 2018

 4. How important are the following chapter services to you? Listed are the top 5 of 10.

--- Face-to-Face Education: 2019 = 4.16; down from 4.25 in 2018

--- Qualified Education: 2019 = 4.03; up from 3.96 in 2018

--- Networking opportunities: 2019 = 3.88; up from 3.84 in 2018

--- Website: 2019 = 3.50; up from 3.39 in 2018

--- Career Development Services: 2019 = 3.46; up from 3.44 in 2018

 4a. How satisfied are you the following chapter services? Top 5 of 10:

--- Face-to-Face education: 2019 = 3.90; up from 3.89 in 2018

--- Qualified Education: 2019 = 4.04; up from 3.97 in 2018

--- Networking opportunities: 2019 = 3.81; up from 3.76 in 2018

--- Website: 2019 = 3.63; down from 3.71 in 2018

--- Career Development Services: 2019 = 3.50; up from 3.36

From the chapter members’ survey, my takeaways are: 1) in general folks are satisfied with overall chapter services (4.00), but we can do better; 2) members thought meetings/events were slightly better this year (4.43 versus 4.40); 3) educational topics and speakers were better this year; 4) and most important services are: face-to-face credits, qualified education credits, networking, website, and career development.

The ACHECF Board will be reviewing this data to determine our course of action and plans for 2020.

If you have any comments to be considered, please contact me at vjrosenbaum@outlook.com.


Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE

Chapter President

ACHE of Central Florida 



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ACHE of Central Florida Chapter appreciates your support of our mission to provide educational, scholarship, and networking opportunities to the healthcare leaders of Central Florida.  

For info on 2019 Premier Corporate Partnerships please contact us at achecfpartner@gmail.com