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Leading Through a Crisis
Leading in Crisis: A CEO’s Firsthand Account of the Las Vegas Shooting
We Saw It Coming—What Did We Get Right, and What Did We Miss?
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Managing Healthcare in Complex Times
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2020 ACHECF Officers

The Central Florida Chapter officers of ACHE are here to help you. Please use the information below to send an email or speak to a chapter officer.


Chapter President
Daniel Honerbrink, FACHE
Corporate Director
Orlando Health Imaging Centers

Chapter President-Elect
Neil Mangus, FACHE
Manager / Strategy Management

Chapter Treasurer
Dawn Lacska-Tommerdahl
Director of the Outpatient Heart, Lung, and Vascular Institute

Chapter Secretary
Scott Sturgess, MBA, MT (ASCP)
Manager, Application Services
Lab & Ancillary Services
Orlando Health

Immediate Past President
Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director of Business Development
Assistant Vice-President, Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health

Regent - Eastern Florida
Ashley Vertuno, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
Westside Regional Medical Center



Membership Chairperson
Jorge Amaro, MBA
President & CEO.A3I

Membership Chairperson-Elect

Programs Chairperson
Gordon B. Wesley, DBA, RT(R), FACHE
Executive Director | Cardiovascular Institute

Programs Chairperson-Elect

Communications Chairperson
Brittany Herring, PharmD, MBA, CPh
Director of Pharmacy
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center

Communications Chairperson-Elect
Francisca Alteme

 Partnership Chairperson
Victor J. Rosenbaum, MHA, FACHE
Director of Business Development
Ambulatory Services
Orlando Health

Partnership Chairperson-Elect

Lake County Local Programs Chairperson
Clayton Davis
System Director, Therapy Services
Central Florida Health

East Florida LPC Chairperson
Nancy Marx
NancyMarx & Associates

East Florida LPC Chairperson-Elect
John Bowers

Volusia County Local Programs Chair
Enzo Pistritto
Director, Program Management
Flagler Health

Volusia County Local Programs -Co-Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson
Esteban Varela, MD
Vice Chief of Medical Staff, HCA
Professor of Surgery, UCF, FS

Senior Executive Advisor
Nathaniel Torres
Johnson  & Johnson

Higher Education Chair
P. Shannon Elswick, FACHE
Lecturer and Executive in Residence
Health Management and Informatics
UCF College of Health and Public Affairs

Student Representative
Ellice Mae Sanchez 
Master of Health Administration Candidate
University of Central Florida

Chika Ozodiegwu
Master of Health Administration Candidate
University of Central Florida

Chapter Coordinator
Beth Rodriguez


President Message


Chapter Members, Supporters, and Partners,

It would be quite the understatement to say we’re experiencing very interesting times. COVID-19 has, rightly so, absorbed much of the bandwidth, thought and resolve of our government, healthcare and business leaders around the world. Each of you, as a healthcare leader, shares the burden of aiding in your organization’s response to what can only be referred to as an existential threat.

Beyond this, you have obligation to your immediate team to lead with purpose, check on their physical and emotional wellbeing, and demonstrate confident leadership. Additionally, you have an absolute obligation to be the beacon that guides your family and friends as we navigate the next few months to overcome this challenge.

Within the ACHE of Central Florida chapter, we’ve suspended all in-person events until the end of May and will reevaluate based on what the future presents. With this, we are working with our regent, Ashley Vertuno, and ACHE national leadership to evaluate options on how we might use distance learning or virtual meetings to provide some level of continuity to our members.

As we evaluate the present COVID-19 situation, I’m reminded of the many significant events in modern history that seemed insurmountable at the time. Our great grandparents dealt with WWI and the Great Depression. Our grandparents survived WWII. Our parents made it through the Civil Rights riots of the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Our parents lived through 9-11 and the nation’s longest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m pretty convinced that, at the time of these events, many believed our world, as we know it, was coming to an end. And, while shaking hands and embracing each other in greeting may give way to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing… which many folks believe will dramatically reduce future flu, the ‘bottom line’ is that with God’s help, we will get through this and we will endure. We have much left to do!

Most Respectfully,

Daniel C. Honerbrink, FACHE, FHFMA 


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ACHE of Central Florida Chapter appreciates your support of our mission to provide educational, scholarship, and networking opportunities to the healthcare leaders of Central Florida.  

For info on 2020 Premier Corporate Partnerships, please contact us at achecfpartner@gmail.com