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December 2011
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Year-End Activities—Required Reporting
Year-End Activities—Chapter Services Assessment and Dashboard Report
New Terms for Continuing Education Credit
Use the New ACHE Face-to-Face Education Credit Panel Discussion Submission Form
Nominating Committee’s 2012 Slate
Council of Regents Elections
Support the Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership
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Regional Services Contacts

Desmond J. Ryan, FACHE, CAE
Associate Director
Phone: (312) 424-9325

Gerard J. Berish, CAE
Serves District 1 and 5
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9323

Jennifer L. Connelly
Serves District 3 and 6
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9328

Terra L. Levin, FACHE, CAE
Serves District 2 and 4
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9329

Thom D. Freyer, FACHE, CAE
Vice President
Phone: (312) 424-9320
Year-End Activities—Required Reporting

1. Update Your Chapter’s Event Information
All chapters are expected to submit reports about their events as part of the criteria to maintain chapter status. The reported data are used to gauge the value delivered to healthcare executives by your chapter and all chapters. The Event Reports are also important to fully chartered chapters because the information is used to calculate the indexed attendee hours a chapter provides each year—one of the four areas in which a chapter can be recognized as part of the Chapter Management and Awards Program. It is important to note that chapters must submit Event Reports to maintain eligibility for any of the Chapter Management Awards.

To view your chapter events, go to the Chapter Service Center, click on Chapter Education for Members and choose Chapter Education Program Reporting. Then choose Chapter Event Report—Your Chapter. To enter additional events, access the Event Submission Form, located in the same area. Please contact your regional director for assistance with navigating this report and updating the information.

2. Keep Your Chapter’s File With ACHE Current: Chapter Self-Assessment
In November, chapter presidents received via email the 2011 Chapter Self-Assessment. This annual self-assessment allows ACHE to confirm that chapters have met the current chapter criteria; to gain an understanding of what activities and services chapters provide annually to chapter members; and to determine whether any changes have been made to the chapter board, bylaws or multiyear plan. As with Event Reporting, completion of the annual Chapter Self-Assessment is a requirement of the Chapter Agreement with ACHE to maintain chapter status and is required for eligibility for Chapter Management Awards.

3. Submit Listing of Chapter Leaders
An email was sent to presidents of the 57 chapters that will begin a new term of service for board members in January 2012. Presidents are requested to provide ACHE with a complete list of names/roles for their chapter board members and any committee members. Emails will continue through 2012 for the remaining 25 chapter boards of directors. (They will be sent to presidents approximately one month before the current term for their chapter board ends.) Providing this updated listing ensures that your chapter leaders are given credit for their service to chapters via ACHE’s Recognition Program. Additionally, submitting a list of your chapter leaders is a requirement of the Chapter Agreement with ACHE to maintain chapter status and is required for eligibility for Chapter Management Awards.

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