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April 2012
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Regional Services Contacts

Desmond J. Ryan, FACHE, CAE
Associate Director
Phone: (312) 424-9325

Gerard J. Berish, CAE
Serves District 1 and 5
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9323

Jennifer L. Connelly
Serves District 3 and 6
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9328

Terra L. Levin, FACHE, CAE
Serves District 2 and 4
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9329

Thom D. Freyer, FACHE, CAE
Vice President
Phone: (312) 424-9320
NEW Face to Face Education Submission Tool

ACHE has a new online tool to submit ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit programs that use the panel discussion templates. Access the tool at The link to the tool also can be found in the Chapter Service Center under Chapter Education for Members. The submission tool requires the usual ACHE log-in information. It has been piloted by five chapters who found it to be efficient and easy to use. Over the next few months, the hard copy submission form will be phased out. Here are a few tips to using the tool:

  • Use the guide at the top of the page to indicate where you are at in the six-step process.
  • All the areas with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
  • Have all information ready for submission: Program title, template name and number, program date, program time schedule, location, and moderator and panelist information, plus bios.
  • For the Program Schedule section, click on “What’s this” for a sample format of the information needed.
  • On the moderator and presenter information page, have the bios available to upload into the form. Once uploaded, the files will appear toward the bottom of the page. There must be one moderator and two – four panelists, plus their bios, to advance to the next section in the process.
  • When submitting a moderator/panelist who is not an ACHE affiliate, follow the steps to adding a person to the database. Once that is completed, to add the person as a moderator/panelist, use the search feature to find the person (as you would if the person is an affiliate) and add the individual. You will then be able to upload a bio for the person.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your regional director.

If you do not have all the information at one time, the tool allows you to save the form and return to it later with the additional information. Once you complete and submit the form, an automatic email message will be sent to let you know it was successfully submitted for review.

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