November 2012
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ACHE Resources for Strategic Planning
Chapters Recognized for Their Commitment to Diversity
Continuing the Legacy of a Leader
Pilot Projects Create Win-Win Partnerships in Diversity
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Regional Services Contacts
Desmond J. Ryan, FACHE, CAE
Associate Director
Phone: (312) 424-9325

Gerard J. Berish, CAE
Serves District 1 and 5
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9323

Jennifer L. Connelly
Serves District 3 and 6
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9328

Terra L. Levin, FACHE, CAE
Serves District 2 and 4
Regional Director
Phone: (312) 424-9329

Thom D. Freyer, FACHE, CAE
Vice President
Phone: (312) 424-9320
ACHE Resources for Strategic Planning

ACHE chapters must submit a current, multiyear strategic plan to be considered chartered and in compliance with ACHE. Your chapter can request the following items from your regional director as you develop a strategic plan.

· Chapter Member Needs Survey Results—Summary results available for each chapter dating back to 2005

· Chapter Membership Demographic Report—A report that summarizes age, membership type, organization/position type and race/ethnicity for your chapter membership

Resources available online in the Chapter Service Center include:

· ChapterLink…Where Leaders Connect™, a forum for chapter leaders to openly discuss issues they encounter and disseminate best practices

· Governance, Committees and Strategic Planning Manual

· Chapter Governance Self-Assessment

· Chapter Dashboard Report

· ACHE Strategic Plan

· Chapter Comparative Data

We also have crafted a sample strategic plan to serve as an example of what a plan might include and a blank template for your use.

ACHE will continue to develop more resources targeted toward multiyear planning, as we see this as a key element of chapter sustainability and performance.

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•  Using Social Media to Develop an Integrative Communication Program
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
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•  ACHE Education Calendar
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