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ACHE Leadership Development Model

At the request of the Board of Governors, the Chapters Committee has started a project to better understand the leadership development practices of chapters and to recommend appropriate support services and guidance to increase chapter effectiveness in this area. This project is part of the implementation of the ACHE Governance Improvement Plan.

Consultant Cynthia D’Amour, leadership strategist at People Power Unlimited, reported to the committee on her work over the past five months to create the ACHE chapter leadership development model. She explained the model is intended to help ACHE understand how it can better support the leadership development efforts of our volunteer-managed chapters and define what it takes to be a successful ACHE chapter leader.

D’Amour conducted a webinar-based mind-mapping process to obtain Regent and chapter leader input on what skills chapter leaders need to succeed. The key takeaway of this mind-mapping process was the need for an increased awareness on the part of ACHE regarding the time pressures on busy volunteers. The tools and support services provided by ACHE need to be time efficient and chapter leaders need the skills to make the best use of volunteer time.

The ACHE Chapter Leadership Development Model is based upon this fundamental conclusion. The model proposes five key skills chapter leaders should possess to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency, including the ability to: 

1) Describe a compelling big picture

2) Develop dynamic programming

3) Communicate with members effectively

4) Manage the volunteer experience

5) Execute strategic chapter management

In addition, the foundation of the model requires a compact between ACHE and the chapter leaders in which both parties commit to the importance of developing leaders and take consistent action over time.

Please take a look at the ACHE Chapter Leadership Development Model. ACHE welcomes your feedback on the model during the 30-day review period between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30, 2012. Please send your feedback to Desmond J. Ryan, associate director, Regional Services, at