April 3, 2017
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Physician Integration Approaches

The history of Summit Heath and driving forces for Summit Physician Services were recently discussed providing key insight into the success of their patient centered medical home and the history of the Chambersburg, PA system. On March 23, 2017, four health executives discussed their challenges and successes regarding corporate structure, service locations, workforce overview, physician involvement and more. This face-to-face discussion was an opportunity for all to dissect Chambersburg Hospital, Summit Health, and Summit Physician Service’s approach to historically employ physicians and grow. This perfectly planned discussion allowed attendees to discuss the factors driving integration and how they have attracted physicians into or back to their local area.


There has been no lack of challenges for the system, which provided depth of information outlining the precursors to their actions. The history overview began nearly three decades ago and included the joint venture of their surgery center and community physicians. Now, when they were reviewing the keys to success they cited: Physician Leadership Hierarchy, common infrastructure, alignment with system goals and values, operating with benchmarks of productivity and efficiency, evolving physicians to lead patient care teams, and compensation systems that reward individual and group performance with relation to productivity, quality, service, and citizenship.  They cited their involvement of physician leadership and operational directors with involvement of senior leadership.


It is true, there has not been a case discussion in Chambersburg, PA for a number of years and the Healthcare Executive Forum was responsive to the request for an event in the area. The details listed above and our Keynote speakers discussed more and HEF is extremely thankful for their dedication to healthcare management opportunities like these. If you were not in attendance the day of event, the presentation is available on the Eventbrite registration page.


This 1.5 face-to-face credit event was the first of five events to take place in 2017.
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