Healthcare Executive Forum of Central PA - April 3, 2017  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Message from Your ACHE Regent - Winter 2017
•  The Social Side of Emotional Intelligence: Bad Habits to Avoid
•  6 Ways to Boost Alignment and Improve Strategy Execution
•  Physician Integration Approaches
•  Save the Dates
•  HEF Welcomes New Members
•  Access Complimentary Resources for the Board of Governors Exam
•  Volunteers Needed
•  Ensure delivery of Chapter E-newsletter (Disclaimer)


Message from Your ACHE Regent - Winter 2017

Message from Your ACHE Regent
Winter 2017

As I write my last message to you as your Regent, I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know many of you and advocate on your behalf.  I’ve learned a lot in these three years, mostly about the strength of ACHE at the national level.  But I never ceased to be amazed by the hard work of our local chapters.  Volunteers at the chapter level work so very hard to provide you, the ACHE members, with quality local education and opportunities to continue your growth in the field.  Thank you to the chapter boards and committees for their dedication to ACHE.

Please join me in welcoming Jean A. Tauber, FACHE as our next Regent for Pennsylvania.  Jean has been a member of the ACHE of Western PA chapter board for several years.  She has tirelessly advocated for students and advancement to FACHE status.  She has many wonderful ideas and an unparalleled dedication to ACHE.

Thank you, ACHE members, for your continued dedication to healthcare leadership excellence in Pennsylvania.  It is so important that we continue to give back to our field and to those that come after us.

Please feel free to contact me at any time, even as my term as Regent is ending.  I am always happy to help a fellow ACHE member along.  I hope to see you at ACHE Congress in March!

Warm regards,

Amy R. Richards, FACHE
Regent for Pennsylvania