CVHEG Newsletter Fall 2018
Fall 2018
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President's Message
CVHEG President: Roberta Tinch, MHA, FACHE
Become Board Certified as an ACHE Fellow (FACHE)
What is the value of earning the FACHE credential?
It's Here! Announcing the Launch of our Newly Redesigned Website
Member Spotlight!
Let's Welcome our Newest Members to the CVHEG
Congrats to our Newest Fellows & Recertified Fellows
Membership Updates
Reinstate and Receive Member Benefits for 2018 & 2019!
2019 Dues
Board of Governors Review Course Prep Questionnaire
October 6, 2018
October 19, 2018
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CVHEG Officers: 

Roberta Tinch - President

Marsha Myers - Vice President

Joe Brooks - Treasurer

Rachel Haga - Secretary

Will Maixner - Immediate Past President

Kayla Waltman - Program Assistant 

CVHEG Chairs:

Alice Meyer - Program Chair

Gail Campbell - Program Co-Chair

Karl Hayter - Membership Chair

Lana Wahid - Diversity Chair

Rachel Beal - Early Careerists Network Chair

Phonya Lewis - Marketing/Communications Chair

CVHEG Regent:

John Harding


CVHEG Board Members:

Wes Blankenship

Carlos Brown

Dolores Clement

L. T. Hanes

William Jacobsen

Paul Long

Barbara Overton

John Sharpe

Curtis Skolnick




Member Spotlight!
Let's Welcome our Newest Members to the CVHEG



Brad Dalton

Evan Davis

Kathryn Duval

Jacob Meza

Jody Reyes

Eric Strother

Travis Turner



Carmen  Recupero

Matthew Toomey, JD 

Christine Woodrum, AuD

Carl Duffey

James Frenchik, MD, MBA, FACEP

Michael Harrison

Susan Lee

Tory Shepherd

Robert Teaster

Frederick G. White, Jr.


Leah Branch

Kipton Currier 


Bradford T. Currin

Brent K. Marlowe Jr., RN

Michael Parke 

Nancy Short



Paola Basar, MBA

Diane O. Elmore, DNP, RN

Rebecca A. Ireland, MBA

Michael Palkimas, Jr.

Melody F. Sharp, DNP, RN


Kristine Allred

Eric Chiyembekeza

Jennifer R. Levy, RN

Elizabeth R. Magrath Ucci

Patty W. Moore, RN

Tammy E. Peacock, PhD

Jessica Ropelewski

Tamara L. Songer

Sean T. Tobin

Nicholas Torre 


Shannon Brackett, DNP

Tina Hamlet

CPT Taha Haque, DO

Sable Nellis

Ernesto Quevedo

Morgan E. Stubbe

Eric Tosh

Rebecca Wilson


Elisha Caldwell

Michael J. Czar

Jatinder Lachar, MSHA, MD

Bhaba Misra, DO

Helen S. Robinson, RN, MSN

Jeremy M. Welsh


Dr. Scott Crabtree

Carol Marin-Vargas

Hailey F. Paley 

Shane West 

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