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I am sitting here today reflecting on the last three years and my role as Regent for North Carolina. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve you. As I have told a few people, I often think of things I wish I could have done. I always think of the great things you as members and leaders of ACHE have done in those three years. All four chapters in North Carolina have developed stronger membership bases. More educational hours and networking events have occurred year over year. More mentors and mentees have entered the system. Our Higher Education Network institutions have collaborated with local chapters to insure we have a strong pipeline of healthcare leaders for the future. Diversity and inclusion have been an integral part of our conversations and actions. Strategic plans have reflected great thought and understanding of the needs of our members. We have seen more nurse leaders and physicians become members and Fellows within ACHE. This change in membership has given us a platform for change and reflects the ever changing landscape of leadership in the healthcare arena.

I want to thank all the chapter leaders, program directors at the higher education network institutions and my advisory council for the support and effort to improve our ACHE agenda during this time. Special thanks go to Brent W. Shive, FACHE, Charles F. (Chuck) Mantooth Jr., FACHE and Jay T. Briley, FACHE for serving all three years on my Regent Advisory Council. This group made it possible for me to meet the needs of ACHE members across the state. Without them, I could not have completed the term. Oscar R. Aylor, FACHE, J. William (Bill) Paugh, LFACHE and other former Regents have provided much needed encouragement and support. As I say thanks to each of those that have helped me, I want to also congratulate Alfred P. Taylor, FACHE, the incoming Regent for North Carolina. I know he will receive the same support as I. I am confident he will serve our state admirably.

One of the most pleasurable things I have done is to present well deserved recognition through the Regent’s Award. On February 16, 2017, I had the privilege of recognizing three strong leaders in North Carolina. Terrence B. Akin, FACHE, Jeffrey N. Sackrison, FACHE and Lynda Stanley, FACHE each received Regent’s awards during the ACHE breakfast at the NCHA Winter meeting. I see each of them as wonderful role models for leadership in healthcare. If you see them, congratulate them on their recognition.

In closing, I encourage each of you to continue your growth and development through ACHE. I ask that you promote ACHE as the gold standard for credentials in healthcare leadership. I ask that you consider a greater leadership role in your local chapter. Get involved, help develop others and make us the strongest network of leaders possible. Again, I thank you for the privilege you have given me to serve you.

Joann Anderson, FACHE
Regent for North Carolina

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