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GCHEG Member Submitted Articles
Equity Impact Circle Off To an Impactful Start
Submitted By: GCHEG Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executive Group’s (GCHEG) Diversity and Inclusion committee is excited to be coordinating Equity Impact Circles (EIC), in partnership with Community Building Initiative (CBI), this spring and fall 2018 in the Greater Charlotte Market. 

An Equity Impact Circle is an intact group of 10-12 people who gather over a 4- to 6-week period to develop/strengthen relationships and build a learning community, engaged in deepening dialogue about equity and how it – or the lack of it – is manifested in the broader community. 

Each time an Equity Impact Circle gathers, members watch a video, read a short article or take in other content that has a particular equity focus. Each EIC is guided by 2 moderators who will use this content as a jumping-off point to support the group in focused dialogue, to exchange perspectives and ideas, through an equity lens.

Some of the conversations that the group will courageously have include topics such as: structural racism and exclusion, as well as the intersection of racial equity and healthcare, housing, criminal justice, transportation, gender and other compelling community issues. 

What is “equity”?

CBI has engaged OpenSource Leadership Strategies to increase its understanding about equity and to equip individuals and organizations to work intentionally to promote equity within our networks and community.

According to OpenSource, an “equitable society would be one in which there are fair opportunities and improved outcomes for all and the distribution of resources, opportunities and burdens is not determined, predictable or disproportionate by identity group or zip code.”

Furthermore, OpenSource affirms that using or developing an “equity lens” means that we must: 1) Acknowledge how life outcomes are shaped by interacting structures and power relationships that benefit some and burden others based on racial identity and other social determinants; 2) Analyze the cumulative impact of structures and power relationships on a specific issue, condition and innovations to close gaps and improve outcomes and opportunities for all; and 3) Strategize structural interruptions and innovations to close gaps and improve outcomes and opportunities for all; and 4) Repeat... because systems are related and adapt over time.”

What your colleagues are saying about the experience:

...want to change from passive conversations and raise awareness of students ...clear roadmap to move forward... I’ll be brave ...validated my deeply seated convictions  ...this can be heavy... strategize how to approach individuals and colleagues to knock down structural inequity and leverage self and others 

...I have an identity...sometimes all have to be challenged to move forward and drive change by being aware


Another invitation to this process will be coming this fall.  We look forward to more conversation!