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Winter 2011
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Healthcare Reform -- It's not just a river in Egypt!*
Announcing Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE 2011 Officers and Board
Meet Our New Chapter President, Stan Berry, MPH, FACHE
Chapter President Remarks
2010 Was a Very Good Year
Congratulations and Aloha!
A Visit With Guam Local Program Council
News from Okinawa
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Chapter Officers

Kevin Roberts, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE  

Jen Chahanovich, FACHE 

CHAIR, Guam Local Program Council
Albert Gurusamy

Christi Keliipio

Lance Segawa

Bobbie Ornellas

Gertie Francoise

Charlotte Hildebrand

Joann Reid

Phillip "Spike" Jones, FACHE

Kevin Roberts, FACHE

Maria Kostylo
News from Okinawa
LCDR Lonnie S. Hosea

It's nice to hear from our Pacific neighbors now and again. In early December 2010, LCDR Lonnie S. Hosea, President of the Local Program Council of the Network of Overseas Healthcare Executives, shared the following article from the Healthcare Executives of Okinawa, the Pacific Overseas Chapter of ACHE. 

The Healthcare Executives of Okinawa (HEO) hosted 25 ACHE members and nonmembers for a networking and education event at Shields' Pub on Camp Shields in Okinawa, Japan, on Wednesday 3 November 2010. The networking period set the tone for the evening of exceptionally collegial discussion to the flavor of spicy Nap's BBQ. The panel discussion topic was Proactively Managing Your Professional Development.  CDR Rachelle Kay, director for healthcare Business at USNH Okinawa, facilitated a three-member panel consisting of CAPT Terry Moulton, FACHE, Commander, USNH Okinawa, COL Barbara King, Commander, 18th Medical Group, and CAPT John Rothacker, FACHE, Executive Director, TRICARE Pacific. Each panelist introduced themselves and provided pearls of wisdom from their own career experiences. Major themes introduced by the panelists were planning 2 to 3 tours further in your career to further your goals, taking the position over the location, mixing in formal education with career experiences. Additionally, programs by organizations such as ACHE were presented as essential professional improvement resources regardless whether you are an early or mid-careerist, or senior healthcare executive. Diversity of experience with a strategic eye toward professional development was another key to a successful career. Lifelong learning and willingness to get outside your comfort zone were also gems that the panelists offered. The panelists were extremely engaging during the networking period and panel discussion. The feedback from attendees indicated that this networking and education program was one of the best yet for HEO. 1.5 ACHE Category I credits were awarded to attendees.

Pictured L to R:  LT Kayreen Gucciardo (HEO Treasurer), Maj Evangeline Tennort (HEO Secretary), LCDR Lonnie S. Hosea (HEO President), CDR Richelle Kay, CAPT Terry Moulton, COL Barbara King, and CAPT John Rothacker

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