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Advancement Seminar: 7 June, 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
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ACHE Fellow at the Forefront of Historic Change in Guam
HFMA Hawaii Chapter 2012 Annual Conference “Believe to Achieve”
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We have an new LinkedIn site under the name Hawai'i Pacific Chapter of ACHE. Please join us as we expand our social media outreach program to our members. The purpose of the LinkedIn site is to create of forum in which to reach out and connect with other members for purposes of advancement, to get subject matter expertise to help tackle your health care challenges, and to share events happening within our region.

Chapter Officers

Coral Andrews, FACHE

Jen Chahanovich, FACHE   

Martha Smith

CHAIR, Guam Local Program Council
Albert Gurusamy

Darlena Chadwick

Lance Segawa, FACHE

Bobbie Ornellas, FACHE

Charlotte Hildebrand

Joanne Reid, FACHE

Hilton Raethel

Steve Robertson, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE

Jen Dacumos

Ready to Become a FACHE?
By Joanne Reid, FACHE and Charlotte Hildebrand

Are you interested in advancing to ACHE Fellow this year? We have more than 100 members who are in the window for advancement; that is more than half of our Chapter! We are committed to supporting your efforts to take the next step in your ACHE membership and are gathering a group of those who would be interested in an advancement seminar, Board of Governors exam study group, and/or individualized help with completing the Fellow Application. We want to take an organic approach tailored to your needs.

Requirements for advancement include:
* Be in a healthcare management position and have five years of healthcare management experience.
* Have three years tenure as an ACHE Member, Faculty Associate or International Associate (ACHE student tenure does not count toward meeting the FACHE requirements).
* Earn 40 hours of continuing education, at least 12 of which are ACHE Face-to-Face Education hours during the five years before you become a Fellow. The remaining 28 hours can be ACHE Qualified Education hours. * Participate in two healthcare and two community/civic activities during the three years before you become a Fellow.
* Masters or other post-baccalaureate degree. (Submit a copy of your degree.)
* Current healthcare management position and at least two years of healthcare management experience. (Submit organizational chart, job description and resume.)
* Include the names of your three references on your application. (The completed reference forms can be submitted by your references after you submit an application.)
* Successfully pass the Board of Governors Exam

Many resources exist to assist advancement through the College to include:
* Chapter Advancement Seminar 6/7 at 6:30 PM at HAH Headquarters, Honolulu
* Chapter-Sponsored, Loaner ACHE BOG Self Study 4 Book Sets (worth $240)
* Exam online community (on-going)
* Advancement webinars (6/7, 9/6, 12/6)
* Exam review course (onsite, Chicago, biannually): $1,290
* Online BOG tutorial 8/13 - 11/2: $495

Additionally, if you register to take the BOG exam by 6/30/12, $200 of the $250 fee is waived. Your scores are good for three years as you complete the remaining requirements for advancement. If your interest is piqued, please contact either Joanne Reid at or MAJ Charlotte Hildebrand at for inclusion in local chapter efforts designed to help you advance. Five members of our Chapter became Fellows this year and our strategic goal for the chapter is to advance six more next year!

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7 June Advancement Seminar

11 July ACHE Breakfast and HAH meeting

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