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Chapter Breakfast on July 11, 2012
Guam ACHE Networking Lunch a Success!
"Accountability for the Care We Provide" - A Panel Discussion on Nov. 8
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We have a new LinkedIn site under the name Hawai'i Pacific Chapter of ACHE.  Please join us as we expand our social media outreach program to our members.  The purpose of the LinkedIn site is to create a forum in which to reach out and connect with other members for the purposes of advancement within the College, share subject t matter expertise to help with health care management challenges / issues and to share events happening within our chapter.

Chapter Officers

Coral Andrews, FACHE

Jen Chahanovich, FACHE   

Martha Smith, FACHE

CHAIR, Guam Local Program Council
Robert Rawleigh

Darlena Chadwick

Lance Segawa, FACHE

Bobbie Ornellas, FACHE

Charlotte Hildebrand, FACHE

Joanne Reid, FACHE

Robert Rawleigh

Steve Robertson, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE

Jen Dacumos

Regent's Message
Coral Andrews, FACHE

ACHE’s Focus on Diversity in Governance and Leadership

The Hawaii-Pacific Chapter had the opportunity to welcome ACHE Board Chairman, Gayle L.  Capozzalo, FACHE, to the Annual Chapter Breakfast in July. Gayle touched on ACHE’s goals around diversity in governance and leadership. 

In this summer article, I would like to introduce you to another leader who provides support to me and to our District. His name is Mark J. Stevenson, FACHE, and he is the newly appointed Regent-at-Large (RAL) for District 5, which consists of 12 states in the Western United States. The purpose of the RALs is to promote diversity in the governance of ACHE with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. In this role, the RALs promote the vision, mission and values of ACHE by fostering the diversity of ACHE's leadership through programs developed to assist Regents (both Geographic and Federal Sector) increase the diversity of ACHE Chapter leadership and by being a visible and diverse voice in the ACHE governance structure. Each of the six ACHE Districts is represented by a RAL.

Mark is headed to Hawaii on September 17. Together, we are planning a CEO Circle and Chapter Sponsors event from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  Location: TBD (will be announced via separate flier). His visit presents a wonderful opportunity for executive leaders to discuss diversity in governance and leadership in Hawaii. They can also contribute input as ACHE prepares to transition leadership in 2013 when ACHE President and CEO Thomas C, Dolan, PhD, FACHE, CAE, retires.

Help Eliminate Disparities in Healthcare

Addressing disparities is no longer just about morality, ethics and social justice: It is essential for performance excellence and improved community health. Last year ACHE, the American Hospital Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Catholic Health Association of the United States, and National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems collectively made a call to action to eliminate healthcare disparities. The goals of the initiative are to increase the collection of race, ethnicity and language preference data; increase cultural competency training for clinicians and support staff; and increase diversity in governance and management. To learn more about the tools and resources available to help eliminate disparities in care, visit The tools are applicable and helpful in all care settings.

These are interesting times in healthcare as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to phase in toward 2014. It compels us all to stay engaged and to invest in the growth of leaders at all levels so that we maintain the capacity to be effective during this time of change.

Next Article

Networking / Educational Event on 11/08/12 at Queen's Conference Center from 6:00 - 7:30 PM . Students in healthcare programs are welcome to attend!  Additional information inside the newsletter!

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