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"Accountability for the Care We Provide" Panel Discussion November 8th, 2012
Insight from our future Healthcare Administrators on the Panel Discussion of November 8, 2012
Guam Program Council Luncheon on November 14th, 2012
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Robert Rawleigh

Steve Robertson, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE

Jen Dacumos

Insight from our future Healthcare Administrators on the Panel Discussion of November 8, 2012
Barbara Ornellas, FACHE

Students from multidisciplinary programs were invited to attend the panel discussion sponsored by the Hawaii Pacific Chapter of ACHE on November 8, 2012.  This event was held in the Queen’s Conference Center Auditorium on Oahu.  The panel discussion entitled “Accountability for the Care We Provide” was moderated by Steve Robertson, FACHE.  Distinguished panel members included Mr. Art Ushijima, FACHE / President & CEO of The Queen’s Medical Center, Kathy Raethel, FACHE / President & CEO of Castle Medical Center and Virginia Pressler, M.D. / Hawai’i Pacific Health Executive Vice President.

The following are excerpts from our future healthcare administrators:

“ …As a student, learning of the most current activities and goals with our major healthcare systems in Hawai’i gave me a more concrete understanding of the concepts, ideas and terms I have been learning in this system… To satisfy the trend of accountable care, these systems are moving towards establishing more partnerships with other organizations and vendors that contribute to the continuum of patient care … Accountable care goes both ways: provider and patient are responsible for the patient’s health…We as a community have to work towards finding methods that link the current processes of our organizations to that of the new regulations to move our businesses forward.  It is how our businesses survive and earn the respect and trust of healthcare consumers…” 

                                                                       Doris Jane Viloria / Student at University of Hawaii at West Oahu


“…The three focuses of accountable care are quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness  in order to provide patient-centered care and the highest possible error-free environment for patients…. In Hawaii, we have high ER use …we have to utilize the emergency department wisely for people with severe injuries and medical conditions.  About 40% of the ER use is for patients with chronic conditions, mental illnesses and substance uses.  We need to create an entire new care model…We need to increase our sensitivities to care for patients, people, and things that patients care for…”

Yuni Otsuka / Student at University of Hawaii at West Oahu


“…All organizations and doctors should have data and reports that need to be transparent and accurate in order to make ‘the highest level of zero error’.  In addition, seeking care for patients when they are sick is not enough to define the best quality of healthcare services that caregivers can provide.  Suppliers of healthcare services need to concentrate more on out-patient care, at the same time needing to diffuse their knowledge about healthcare prevention and guide patients to reach better states of wellbeing…”

Giang Taylor / Student at University of Hawaii at West Oahu


“…Having everyone involved and being  transparent helps everyone be able to be a part of the care that they seek as well as hold each other accountable so that they can receive the best care possible…Alignment is so important within the relationship between doctors/physicians, nurses, patients and any staff that is involved with providing care to the people…”

Jaisa Ganir / Student at University of Hawaii at West Oahu


“…Each panelist describes how their common goals were to improve quality, reduce costs and maintain the safety of their patients.  They are all striving with an alignment with their physicians, patients and the community…”

Tina Bansuelo / Student at University of Hawaii at West Oahu









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When:  April 15th  & 16th , 2013

Where:  Ala Moana Hotel (Oahu)

At this seminar, in partnership with HFMA, we will be offering 1.5 hours of ACHE credit for continuing education.  We will keep you updated as we finalize the details with ACHE.


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