American College of Healthcare Executives
Winter / December 2012
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Message from the Regent
A fond Farewell from Chapter President
Aloha and Welcome from Chapter President 2013
Mahalo to the 2012 Chapter Board and Welcome to the 2013 Chapter Board
"Accountability for the Care We Provide" Panel Discussion November 8th, 2012
Insight from our future Healthcare Administrators on the Panel Discussion of November 8, 2012
Guam Program Council Luncheon on November 14th, 2012
Chapter News: New Fellows, Recertified Fellows, New Members
5 Ways to Keep Your Organization Upbeat
Chapter end of year financial report

Chapter Officers

Coral Andrews, FACHE

Jen Chahanovich, FACHE   

Martha Smith, FACHE

CHAIR, Guam Local Program Council
Robert Rawleigh

Darlena Chadwick

Lance Segawa, FACHE

Bobbie Ornellas, FACHE

Charlotte Hildebrand, FACHE

Joanne Reid, FACHE

Robert Rawleigh

Steve Robertson, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE

Jen Dacumos

Chapter end of year financial report
Lance Segawa, FACHE

I am pleased to report the Chapter’s financial health continues to be strong!  2012 was another active year filled with value added educational and networking events for our members.  We began the year with an operating fund of $16,846.  Your chapter board prepared an annual budget and began planning the events for the year.  Income for the Chapter came from corporate sponsors and our ACHE Chapter Dues Rebate which together totaled $9,228.  For the year, we spent $10,563 for all events.  Included in this figure is our $2000 sponsorship to our Guam partners.  The Guam Council is very appreciative of our financial support and will be submitting financial reports to the Board on a regular basis.  With all expenses accounted for, we are ending the year with an operating fund of $15,511.  As we anticipate a full slate of activities in 2013, much thanks to all of you for your generous contributions in service, time, and money!     

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Annual Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Meeting

When:  April 15th  & 16th , 2013

Where:  Ala Moana Hotel (Oahu)

At this seminar, in partnership with HFMA, we will be offering 1.5 hours of ACHE credit for continuing education.  We will keep you updated as we finalize the details with ACHE.


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