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Winter / December 2012
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Message from the Regent
A fond Farewell from Chapter President
Aloha and Welcome from Chapter President 2013
Mahalo to the 2012 Chapter Board and Welcome to the 2013 Chapter Board
"Accountability for the Care We Provide" Panel Discussion November 8th, 2012
Insight from our future Healthcare Administrators on the Panel Discussion of November 8, 2012
Guam Program Council Luncheon on November 14th, 2012
Chapter News: New Fellows, Recertified Fellows, New Members
5 Ways to Keep Your Organization Upbeat
Chapter end of year financial report

Chapter Officers

Coral Andrews, FACHE

Jen Chahanovich, FACHE   

Martha Smith, FACHE

CHAIR, Guam Local Program Council
Robert Rawleigh

Darlena Chadwick

Lance Segawa, FACHE

Bobbie Ornellas, FACHE

Charlotte Hildebrand, FACHE

Joanne Reid, FACHE

Robert Rawleigh

Steve Robertson, FACHE

Stan Berry, FACHE

Jen Dacumos

Message from the Regent
Coral T. Andrews, FACHE

With the Presidential Election behind us, implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable  Care Act (ACA) continues and its impact will be reflected across all aspects of the healthcare industry.  The simultaneous consideration of the “federal fiscal cliff” lends additional uncertainty as organizations work to strategically position themselves in a “grey” environment.  All of this turmoil necessitates that organizations be well-positioned with the talent that can carry them through the implementation.  ACHE’s flagship issue is Diversity (ethnicity, gender, equal access to leadership positions, respecting diverse points of view, etc.).  More information about his initiative can be found at I am actively working with Regent colleagues to provide feedback to the ACHE Board of Governors on this issue.  As the healthcare industry evolves into new business models, new professional structures and new models of care, so too will the strategy by which we attract and retain our human capital.  Our workforce will be blended and pull from multi-industry markets,  not just health.  As a result, we have to be competitive with these other industries as well.  The shapes and sizes of talent won’t be the traditional ones that we’ve long since expected.  Professionals within and outside of  healthcare, will emerge in leadership positions to support the requirements needed to fully implement ACA.  Our leaders will need to diversify their thinking and align their strategies different to insure that they attract and retain talent. CEO’s and Senior Executives will need to assist  their Governance Bodies with access to information that helps to clarify / contrast pre-ACA ideology with post-ACA realities.  Diversity in the talent, diversity  in the approach to human resources and diversity in the workforce  are all things that will need to evolve alongside the more visible challenges that we are seeing in the models and systems of care.  I look forward to supporting ACHE’s efforts to advancing Diversity at all levels of the healthcare industry.

Registration for the Congress on Healthcare Leadership (March 11-14, 2013) is now open.  This annual educational event provides an opportunity to gain insights on the “latest and greatest” issues impacting the healthcare industry and to foster learning.  ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits are offered and work to support recertification and advancement to Fellow.   ACHE CEO, Thomas C. Dolan, PhD., FACE, CAE, is retiring and a grand sendoff is planned.  Hope to see you there!

Next Article

Annual Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Meeting

When:  April 15th  & 16th , 2013

Where:  Ala Moana Hotel (Oahu)

At this seminar, in partnership with HFMA, we will be offering 1.5 hours of ACHE credit for continuing education.  We will keep you updated as we finalize the details with ACHE.


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