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Message from the Regent, Winter 2013
Coral T. Andrews, FACHE

The Congress on Healthcare Leadership was held March 11-14 in Chicago, Illinois. The event was entitled “Changing Healthcare by Design.” 

Several themes rose to the top of the event’s program as being reflective of the changes that are unfolding across our healthcare markets.

They include:

  • Succeeding in the New Healthcare Ecosystem:  Ecosystem as defined in Dictionary.com is “any system of interacting or interconnected parts, as in a business.” In Island settings, such as Hawaii and Guam, the interdependencies within the ecosystem more acutely rise to the top and each interconnected part seeks to redefine sustainability in this new healthcare environment.
  • Governance Practice in the Era of Healthcare Transformation: Transformation is defined as “to change in form, appearance, nature or character.” In this era, organizations are charged with developing and applying governance principles and practices such that they are relevant and effective to support organizational success. This necessitates that the Boards also be afforded insights into how they must transform and adapt to these new healthcare environments. To succeed, it can’t be business as usual.
  • Information Technology: The ability to exchange information effectively and efficiently seeks to support a better customer experience and, yes…“change healthcare by design.”
  • Enterprise Wide Cost Containment: The strategy behind healthcare reform was to drive cost out of the system and ultimately foster improved quality of care. Cost containment strategies are focused on all levels of an organization. The uncertainty around how the new payment models will impact organizations through the phase in of federal healthcare reform necessitates that the “system of care” support a culture of cost containment to be well positioned and poised for impact.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Nationwide, we can anticipate continued consolidation of healthcare systems.
  • Leadership: Navigating through change requires leadership. These are uncertain times and change continues to unfold as the U.S. Congress proceeds toward decision making about the federal budget deficit. 

The Congress on Healthcare Leadership was an enlivening experience. For those who were unable to attend, the program highlights can be found on ache.org under the Education tab. More than 600 military and federal members were not able to attend Congress this year due to sequestration and the financial considerations associated with the federal fiscal cliff. Acknowledgements of their service and recognition of their absence were heard throughout the event.

ACHE, as a premiere healthcare executive leadership organization, supports the need for broad dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Doing so is critical to foster learning and for leaders to gain insights about what is required to lead effectively in these new environments of care. 

Coral Andrews, FACHE
Regent for Hawaii/Pacific

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