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Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE Leadership Development Program
Desmond J. Ryan, FACHE, CAE, Associate Director, Regional Services at ACHE and Lieutenant Colonel Tanya Peacock, FACHE, United States Army

The goal of the Leadership Development Program is to build an effective leadership corps within the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE, thereby increasing chapter sustainability and performance.

The ACHE Board of Governors recently charged the Chapters Committee with the responsibility of understanding the leadership development practices of local chapters and recommending appropriate support services to increase chapter effectiveness. It was determined that local chapter satisfaction and performance measures improve as chapters mature. The Leadership Development Program was established to assist local chapters with sustainability, engagement, and effectiveness of chapter volunteer leadership.

Chapter Leadership Development Model: Foundation
To build a more sustainable and higher performing chapter, local chapters must have a solid foundation for the development and use of leadership skills. The Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE was one of three chapters invited to participate in the ACHE Leadership Development Program because chapter volunteers and leadership demonstrated the following characteristics:

•    Strong commitment to the importance of volunteer leadership development
•    Board level accountability for leadership development
•    Desire to document the standardized processes used by leaders to do the chapter’s work
•    Propensity to formalize transition processes for preparing new leaders for new roles
•    Increased awareness of ACHE resources for chapters
•    Encourages chapter leaders to reach out to ACHE Regents and regional directors

Chapter Leadership Development Program
The ACHE Chapter Leadership Development Program requires a six-month commitment by Hawaii-Pacific  Chapter of ACHE leadership, who will focus specifically on improving the processes of volunteer selection, support, recognition, and assessment. The chapter’s leadership development coordinator, LTC Tanya Peacock, FACHE; the Regent, Coral Andrews, FACHE; and the regional director, Gerard Berish, CAE, are working together with the Hawaii Pacific Chapter of ACHE board of directors to create and begin implementation of an annual program. Key areas include developing position descriptions for all leadership positions, updating or constructing manuals and checklists for all key responsibilities, and formalizing orientation sessions for all key leadership positions. The plan will include the evaluation and modification of the chapter plan over time. Once the plan is completed and approved by the chapter board, the chapter becomes responsible for ongoing operations, although assistance will continue to be available from ACHE and Regents.

Program completion
Upon completion of the six-month process, ACHE will identify additional resources that should be developed by ACHE and will modify the development cycle based on feedback from participating chapters and Regents. ACHE feels strongly that the development of an annual Chapter Leadership Development Model for each chapter will assist chapter leadership with transition planning, help reduce volunteer turnover rates, better prepare volunteer leaders for their roles, facilitate smoother leadership transitions, and help chapters sustain high performance.

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