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Leadership Development Program
Lieutenant Colonel Tanya Peacock, FACHE, Medical Service Corps, United States Army

In March of 2013, the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE was invited by the regional director, Mr. Gerard Berish, CAE, to participate in a pilot program: Chapter Leadership Development. It required a six-month commitment by the Hawaii Pacific ACHE Chapter Board of Directors and focused on designing methods to increase chapter sustainability and performance. Specifically, the Board of Directors committed to the following leadership goals:

  • Improving volunteer leadership development
  • Providing Board-level accountability for leadership development
  • Standardizing processes used by leaders to do the chapter’s work
  • Conducting formal transition processes to prepare new leaders for new roles
  • Making all chapter leaders aware of ACHE resources for chapters
  • Encouraging chapter leaders to reach out to ACHE Regents and regional directors

Between April and October of 2013, monthly meetings were conducted by the Regional Director and included the Regent, Coral Andrews, FACHE; and the Chapter Leadership Development Coordinator, LTC Tanya Peacock, FACHE. A timeline was developed to target the process area goals of selecting leaders, supporting new leaders, recognizing leaders, and assessing performance.

The Chapter Board of Directors was extremely involved with constructing materials to support the process area goals. During the selecting leaders phase of the program, Board members formalized the chapter organizational chart in accordance with the chapter bylaws and strategic plan. A template for the Chapter Leadership Development Manual was developed and the nomination process was reviewed. During the supporting new leaders phase, board members developed standardized position descriptions for all chapter leadership positions, to include committee chair and committee member positions. An Internal Planning Calendar was also developed to ensure that key milestones continue to be met. In the recognizing leaders phase, board members formalized the existing recognition program and developed new initiatives for recognizing the contributions of chapter volunteers. For the final phase, assessing performance, the leadership transition cycle was reviewed and formalized.

The Chapter Leadership Development program culminated with the publication of the Chapter Leadership Development Manual, which may be found on the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE website: http://hawaii.ache.org/. It is expected that the new manual will better prepare volunteer leaders for their roles, facilitate smoother leadership transitions and reduce volunteer turnover rates, ultimately improving chapter engagement and performance.

Due to our commitment and effective implementation of the leadership development process, our Leadership Development Coordinator was invited to speak at the Chapter Leaders Conference, held September 30 – October 1 in Chicago, where we received among the highest presentation ratings.

The Chapter Leadership Development Manual is a living document and we invite chapter members to provide feedback. Particularly, we are interested in documenting the history of our chapter, which may be found on page 4 of the manual. You may contact LTC Tanya Peacock, peacock4@hawaii.edu with any suggestions.

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Lunch and Learn Event (Guam Local Program Council)
Proa Restaurant in Hagatna
December 18, 2013, time TBD
(Contact LCDR Daren Verhust for precise timing)


ACHE Qualified Education Program (1.5 face-to-face credits)
Location: Kapi'olani Auditorium
February 6, 2014, 11:30AM - 1:00PM

Come join us for what is a very pertinent topic in the health care industry!  With the global focus on health care quality, it will be increasingly important for organizations to consider structured management frameworks to achieve operational excellence.  Come participate and learn best practices for leveraging Lean and Six Sigma concepts to enhance healthcare operations!



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