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Coral Andrews, FACHE

Martha Smith, FACHE

Darlena Chadwick

LCDR Daren Verhulst, FACHE

Steve Robertson, FACHE


Gidget Ruscetta


Art Gladstone, FACHE

LTC Tanya Peacock, FACHE

CDR Robert Rawleigh, FACHE

Lance Segawa, FACHE


Jennifer Dacumos


Jen Chahanovich, FACHE


Hawai'i-Pacific Chapter Leadership election results for 2014
Lieutenant Colonel Tanya Peacock, FACHE, Medical Service Corps, United States Army

Elections were held 26 November-10 December 2013, to select qualified Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE Board members for a one or two year term, beginning in January of 2014. The election process began in early November, when the nominating committee considered current ACHE members, in good standing, to fill projected vacancies. To be considered for a position, candidates must have demonstrated the ability to advance healthcare leadership and management; exhibited excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills; and displayed dedication to the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE. Preference was given to those candidates with the FACHE credential to fill the following Chapter Board positions:

President-Elect (1 yr term): The president-elect generally assists and fills in for the president, as needed, while preparing to serve as president. This position ensures a smooth leadership transition as the future president gains experience in the leadership role prior to becoming president. The president-elect serves as a full voting member of the board and advises various committees, as assigned.

Treasurer (1 yr term): The Treasurer acts as the chief financial officer of the chapter and manages all cash, bank accounts, and financial records of the chapter. The treasurer is primarily responsible for assisting with the development of the annual budget, maintaining accurate records of the chapter’s financial status, filing requisite federal or state reports, and obtaining audits as required. The treasurer serves as a full voting member of the board and advises various committees, as assigned.

Secretary (1 yr term): The secretary is the custodian of the chapter’s records and maintains accurate and sufficient documentation of chapter business proceedings. This includes managing all official chapter communication to chapter members. The secretary serves as a full voting member of the board and advises various committees, as assigned.

Directors (2 yr term): Directors are responsible for advancing the mission of ACHE through local chapter policies and activities. Directors support the ACHE Code of Ethics, volunteer for and willingly accept assignments, stay informed about board matters, prepare for meetings and review and comment on minutes and reports, build collegial working relationships with fellow board members that contribute to consensus and actively participate in the board’s annual evaluation process and planning efforts.

Student Representative (2 yr term): The Hawai’i-Pacific Chapter of ACHE student representative is enrolled in either a part-time or full-time healthcare administration program, business administration program, or a clinical healthcare program (e.g., nursing school, medical school, respiratory therapy). The student representative has an interest in healthcare administration and demonstrates potential to be a leader in this industry. The student representative will assist with the recruitment of other student members and act as a liaison between student members and the board. The student representative serves as a full voting member of the board and advises various committees, as assigned.

The election period formally closed on 10 December at 3:00 p.m. We would like to congratulate the following incoming board members!

  • President-elect: Lance Segawa, BS, MPH, FACHE
  • Secretary: Selma Yamamoto, PharmD, MBA
  • Treasurer: Gidget Ruscetta, RN, BSN, MBA
  • Student Representative: Stella Laroza
  • Directors:  
    • MAJ Charlotte Hildebrand, MHA, FACHE
    • LT John Piccone, BA, MBA
    • Micah Ewing, BS, MBA
    • Nick Hughey, RN, MBA, FACHE
    • Jennifer Dacumos, PharmD, MBA

A chapter induction event will be held in January to formally recognize our incoming board members, thank our outgoing board members, and to conduct a transition of responsibilities.

Mahalo to the following outgoing board members for their service this year!

  • President: Martha Smith, FACHE
  • President-elect: Jay Kreuzer, FACHE/Darlena Chadwick, FACHE
  • Secretary: Darlena Chadwick, FACHE/Gidget Ruscetta, FACHE
  • Treasurer: Steve Robertson, FACHE
  • Student Representative: Jennifer Dacumos
  • Director: Lance Segawa, FACHE

If you are interested in volunteering your talents and skills to assist our local chapter, we are currently soliciting nominations for committee members. The education and membership committees will have vacancies beginning January 2014. If you are interested in participating on a committee, please contact the committee chair or one of your newly elected board members.

Full descriptions of the responsibilities for all chapter positions, to include committee chairs and members, may be found in the Leadership Development manual located on the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE website. http://hawaii.ache.org/





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Lunch and Learn Event (Guam Local Program Council)
Proa Restaurant in Hagatna
December 18, 2013, time TBD
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ACHE Qualified Education Program (1.5 face-to-face credits)
Location: Kapi'olani Auditorium
February 6, 2014, 11:30AM - 1:00PM

Come join us for what is a very pertinent topic in the health care industry!  With the global focus on health care quality, it will be increasingly important for organizations to consider structured management frameworks to achieve operational excellence.  Come participate and learn best practices for leveraging Lean and Six Sigma concepts to enhance healthcare operations!



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