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Reflections on Diversity Within our Chapter
MAJ Charlotte Hildebrand, FACHE

Dramatically shifting demographics within the U.S. population affect communities across the nation—large and small alike—and compel health care leaders to ask questions:  


  • Does our health care workforce reflect the faces of the community we serve?
  • Who are the people who make up our health care workforce—the nurses, technicians and executives responsible for delivering high quality care?
  • How can we ensure that we deliver the highest quality, most culturally sensitive care? 

As healthcare executives, we are charged to provide care equitably to all and create a diverse workforce that provides culturally proficient care.  Our local chapter Statement on Diversity and Inclusion calls us to value and actively promote diversity in our chapter leadership and membership because, “diverse participation serves as a catalyst for improved decision making, increased productivity, and competitive advantage.”  Below is a breakdown of the diversity of our chapter compared to ACHE as a whole.  As we look inside our own demographics, our membership represents a diverse group.


Race/Ethnicity for our Chapter compared to ACHE overall:


Hawaii Chapter N=213     National N=47492


White (non-Latino):  46% / 65%

Black (non-Latino):  5% / 6%

Latino:  3% / 3%

Asian or Pacific Islander:  23% / 4%

More than 1 race/ethnicity:  3% / 1%

No Response:  19% / 19%


Age Range Our Chapter compared to ACHE overall:

Under 30:  5% / 13%

31-40:  22% / 18%

41-50: 31% / 22%

51-60:  23% / 24%

61+:  16% / 19%

Unknown:  3% / 4%


Gender for Our Chapter compared to ACHE overall:

Female:  49% / 43%

Male:  51% / 57%

The ACHE Chapter Diversity and Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool asks six main questions of chapter membership:

  1. Are the individuals who belong to our Chapter reflective of the diversity of our Chapter area?
  2. Do Chapter recruitment efforts include strategies to reach out to the gender, racial and ethnic minorities in your Chapter area?
  3. Does your Chapter communications (newsletters, websites, etc.) recognize Chapter diversity?
  4. Does your Chapter acknowledge and recognize diversity in your Chapter awards programs?
  5. Does your Chapter conduct surveys and/or focus groups to measure perceptions of your Chapter's diversity and inclusion efforts and to surface potential issues?
  6. Does your Chapter have a mentoring program in place to help develop your best talent regardless of gender, race or ethnicity? 

Please ponder and look within your own healthcare organizations to create strategies and find opportunities to strengthen the diversity of your teams. If you have any specific feedback or are interested in joining the Diversity Committee please contact Charlotte Hildebrand at charlotte.l.hildebrand.mil@mail.mil.



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