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News & Committee Updates
News from the Guam Program Council
Chuck Tanner, FACHE, President, GLPC ACHE

Hafa Adai from Guam!

I find it hard to believe that summer is over and soon the shopping aisles will be full of Christmas and the sounds of the holidays will fill our ears.  Before the festivities begin however we have an election to conduct.  This year’s election session is in full swing with a record number of candidates running. The streets are full of campaign signage and it seems every weekend is an event.  Elections are a “full contact” sport here on our island. An advantage of our small size is our personal contact with our representatives. It is actually uncommon not to see a Senator or even the Governor at our local events. The access we have to our elected officials should be envied by our stateside brothers. Of course we watch from afar the national election and attempt to speculate how the change of administration will affect our island. Soon we will know!

Since our last newsletter we have seen a change of command at US Naval Hospital and welcome now Captain Dan Cornwell to the helm. To show that the world is a small place, Captain Dan was my classmate; Baylor Bears Class of 1995. It is good to reunite with him though both of us have grayed a little since then. As of this writing the military is completing Valiant Shield 16 so Guam is being visited by numerous sailors, airmen and marines.  Welcome to Guam!

This summer was extremely busy for the leadership of the GLPC and the calendar did not allow for the membership to get together. We look forward however to coming events this fall and if we can keep everyone on island we will find a good time slot to do that. If not, maybe we can just do a social hour given the holiday spirit.

On the legislative side, beyond the election, there are several healthcare related bills in the works. As mentioned last time, Bill 277-33 called on the Guam Economic Development Authority to launch a Request for Information so prospective contractors could provide information on how to transition the operation of the hospital to a public-private partnership. The end date for submission has come and gone and the final report from GEDA is due the end of September. It will be interesting to see what this request returns. For more information on this and other bills check out the legislative website at http://www.guamlegislature.com/index.htm .

In closing and keeping with our collaborative and educational mission we are happy to share items of interest in healthcare with our members. To affect this, we have an email group of Guam members and if members have an event they would like to share, you may send me the information and I will pass it on. This service is also available for our Hawaii friends too. Just send me an email and I will add you to the list. (For privacy, I send information BCC)

Until next time,

Si Yuus Maase
Chuck Tanner, FACHE
President, GLPC ACHE


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Save the Date

October 4:  Fall Social Mixer

Please come join us at the HASR Bistro for Networking and some 'ono grinds'!

Date:  Tuesday, October 4
Time:  6:00PM - 8:30PM
Place:  HASR Bistro, main room
RSVP:  Lisa Robles at 808-697-3516; lrobles@wcchc.com

Nov 9-10:  2016 AONE Annual Conference "Leadership In Action.."

This year's conference and partnership with the AONE promises to offer even more valuable educational and networking opportunities!

  • 4.0 Face-to-Face Credits!
  • 7.25 Qualified Education Credits!

Date:  November 9 and November 10, (7:30AM - 4:00PM)
Place:  Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
Info & Registration:   http://www.aonehawaii.org/#!save-the-date/cgqm
Late Registration:  After October 9

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