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Recent Events
2017 Hawai'i Cluster
Delma Guervara

The ACHE Hawai‘i-Pacific Chapter hosted its 2017 education cluster from September 11-14. During this 4-day event participants had a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on a variety of healthcare subjects, including seminars on “Increasing Health Care Leadership Performance” and “The Force Behind Strategy.”

The event was held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Waikiki.

The ACHE Communications Committee interviewed a few of this year’s scholarship recipients who attended this event.

Jerome Flores, who is currently serving as Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer for Kahuku Medical Center, contributed the following:

Q: Why do you believe it is important to attend the ACHE Hawai‘i Cluster?

A: The old adage "you get what you give" never rings more true than for those who have assumed the position of management. The employer/employee relationship has become increasingly popular in the workplace and is a relationship that is built on trust, mutual respect, and a genuine interest in helping to develop skills in one another. The Hawai‘i Cluster provides its attendees the opportunity to learn about what other organizations are doing, have done, or are going to do. In addition, the ability to network with peers is extremely beneficial as we find the “unique” issues we deal with on our own campuses are actually experienced to varying degrees at others. It is a great time to gain different perspectives with the same individuals who are in the same fight as us.

Q: Why you personally chose to attend this year? / Did you see value in attending this year?

A: There are many benefits involved in attending this year’s Hawai‘i Cluster, these include:  First, developing your leadership skills – the experience helped my ability to motivate, inspire, and encourage others which will in turn help you become a better manager and team member.  Second, understand and appreciate cultural differences – this is true particularly if your staff is from a different country.  As leaders, we often get embroiled in our own day to day tasks, and we forget to notice multiculturalism in the workplace and its ability to affect performance in employees with non-English speaking backgrounds.  Being a manager to these employees means you will gain an appreciation for a culture you might not have otherwise been privy to.  Lastly, improve your communication skills – the experience will force you to find ways to communicate more effectively with junior professionals and employees from different departments who might not yet understand terms.

 We also received comments from Diane Hale, Chief Nursing Officer at Kahuku Medical Center:

Q: What was a major highlight or favorite topic from the cluster?

A: One of this year’s highlights included a presentation by Michael Frisina, PhD, “Behavior Smarts; Increasing Healthcare Leadership Performance Session”.  I found this presentation particularly interesting and appreciated the formula that was presented, where Event + Response = Outcome.  We [as managers and leaders] each control the outcome. 

If you haven’t attended the Hawai‘i Cluster in the past, look out for this amazing on island opportunity to get Face-to-Face Education credits in the year 2020.

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