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News & Committee Updates
News from the Guam Committee
Chuck Tanner, FACHE

Hafa Adai, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Guam!

I love this time of the year, though a small part of me misses the snow! My son, who lives in San Antonio, recently sent me pictures of my grandchildren frolicking in the snow. Snow in San Antonio, wow!

With the New Year closing in I cannot help but reflect on what was accomplished in 2017 and look forward to new or continuing challenges as the New Year emerges. In that reflection I noted that in 2017 I passed the 25 year mark in my membership with the ACHE. 

For me, in 2018, I look toward passing the leadership of the Guam LPC to someone else. I have applied for Lifetime FACHE status and look toward retirement. So, in the beginning of 2018, we will move toward transitioning. If you are interested in assuming a leadership role on Guam, start the “thinking” process now, and early next year we will start identifying nominees!

It is my experience that professional affiliation is paramount if you want to succeed. The friendships you make and the collegial discussions are (for me) the largest benefit of membership. Secondary to these personal relationships is staying abreast of the current successful methodologies to improve our healthcare system. The educational aspect of affiliation cannot be underestimated. As I read the many venues afforded by the ACHE, something would “click” and I get ideas of how to apply the educational concepts into the operations of my current employment. It also gives confidence in what you are attempting to do is the state of the art in our profession and that others, in offices and cubicles around the country, are also pursuing similar practices. So, from a personal aspect, it is self rewarding. 

Now, you can be a member and enjoy the friendships and education, but if you really want to move forward and expand your profession you should consider an active role in the ACHE. In my early career I was a “quiet” member. I would go to conferences, read, and pretty much stay in the background. Later in my career, I took a more active role. Assuming a leadership role greatly expanded my scope and abilities. As I gained confidence in the profession I found that I could stand and interact with “the greats” in our profession. Next thing I knew, I was one of those “go to” people in my community and my advice and perspective were valued. 

Practicing health care administration on a small Pacific island, seemingly far from mainstream has unique challenges. However, in many ways, it is similar to a practice in small town Texas or Illinois. The continuing link was membership in the ACHE. 


Chuck and his beloved dog "Puppy" wish everyone a happy holiday from Guam.

In closing, as this may well be my last contribution to the newsletter, I want to wish all of you the best of success in your career. I am very thankful for this career and in hindsight would not have selected a different path. I hope you have the same and better experience that I enjoyed! God bless and the best of New Years to you.



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