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Message from the Chapter President, Spring 2016
Art Gladstone, FACHE


In 2016, no surprise, health care continues to be both exciting and challenging. I personally like to stay focused on the exciting side of the equation and am glad to see our organization is doing the same. As ACHE’s Hawai‘i chapter, we have many opportunities to improve the healthcare system here in our state, and that in turn improves the care our communities and those who live here can receive. 

Our organization, the American College of Healthcare Executives, serves a purpose to connect us all as we maneuver, individually or collectively, through healthcare challenges, changes, opportunities, and innovation. I am confident that many of us have a personal familiarity with the purpose of ACHE and what our organization does to connect members to issues, solutions, and to one another.

As I looked at ACHE’s website and printed materials recently, something meaningful jumped out at me. Printed just below the American College of Healthcare Executives title is the tagline that reads: 'for leaders who care.' I point that out because I believe this is the essence of ACHE. We all belong to this organization for various reasons – perhaps for networking, or to give back, perhaps to learn more and support our individual need for life-long learning, or it could be any number of other reasons to belong. Whatever the reason, I believe this statement, for leaders who care, is a foundation principle of why we each belong to ACHE. We CARE! We all want to provide the best healthcare to our individual patients, our families, and our community. We want to be part of the solutions to improve our systems of care while at the same time addressing the issues of cost that our industry faces. We care, and we can make a difference. I want to personally thank each of you for being a member of ACHE and express my gratitude to you for being a leader who cares!

I am honored to serve as your 2016 Chapter President. We have had many excellent presidents who I thank for their leadership. In my new role, I give special recognition to Gidget Ruscetta, our immediate past president, for her work throughout 2015. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our chapter for receiving the 2016 Chapter Distinction Award from the national organization.

Our chapter has a strong foundation in place that enables us to focus on ACHE’s goals of diversity, membership, and education. I am excited that members have stepped up their involvement and demonstrated personal commitment by joining the board of directors and committees to lead the work that we do. They recently completed an orientation that was focused on helping transition into their roles, understanding ACHE’s purpose, and knowing how their leadership helps us implement our plans. Finally, as you might expect, a newsletter message from a president would never be complete without a request for members to become involved. Please get involved. There’s lots of opportunity and we have the right spot for you that matches your passion!
Until next time,