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Chuck Tanner, FACHE

Hafa Adai from Guam!

     My mom’s hobby is genealogy. She loves tracing back our family lineage. Buried in her research she found and shared with me that I have a very remote linkage to Benjamin Franklin and the Folger Family! I tucked that away in my mind and justified my coffee addiction to family genes! So, what has all that have to do with Healthcare Administration? Stick with me, I will join this thought in a minute.

    As forecasted in my December 2016 article contribution, I predict 2017 will be ripe with change. A new Guam Legislature and new Federal Administration of course bring change so I am no Nostradamus, just an acknowledgment of the reality.  Now that we are 6 months in, I have noticed that my electronic sources of information have taken a turn.  My Facebook accounts exploded, blog sites exploded, I find posts of fake news, I am now inundated with bias and propaganda from both sides.  Well, 6 months of this insanity causes me to thirst for intellectual conversation.  Very little of the e-information I receive is helpful at resolving the issues we as healthcare administrators face today. 

    This frustration does have a bright side, as when I become frustrated it drives me to take action. Here is where I join the two thoughts. I seem to remember that Benjamin Franklin would hold court in coffee houses. So off I went to Mr. Google and confirmed that yes, he did.  What a concept!  Here is a paste in of something I found:

In the fall of 1727 Ben Franklin organized a group of men into a club whose primary purpose was inquiry into a variety of questions. This club thrived for nearly four decades and was known as the Junto, also as “the leather apron club.” (This group eventually evolved into the American Philosophical Society.) With few exceptions, the members of the group, like Franklin, were practical men: entrepreneurs, tradesmen, merchants. Only a few had much formal education. The Junto's Friday evening meetings were organized around a series of questions that Franklin devised, covering a range of intellectual, personal, business, and community topics. Franklin set an earnest and yet convivial tone for these meetings, which regularly met on Friday evenings. He preferred a gentle, Socratic method of inquiry, and discussions were to be conducted “without fondness for dispute or desire of victory.” These questions were used as a springboard for discussion and community action. In fact, through the Junto, Franklin promoted such concepts as volunteer fire-fighting clubs, improved security (night watchmen), and a public hospital.

     I think I found an answer to my frustration, but like all things, maybe this is just another one of those “Chuck ideas” that gets “head pats” but no one shows! Either way, nothing ventured, nothing gained just an invitation to participate in open discussion for the purpose of generating and the sharing of ideas leading to potential best solutions to address the ever changing health care environment.  In fact, you should have received an invitation to our first “Junto” at Figaro Coffee shop held on Thursday, June 15.  If you did not receive an email invite, fear not, just contact me and make sure you are on my email group. I plan on running a couple of these meetings in the Ben Franklin format to see if it can get legs. If not, oh well, but if it catches, wow, it could be something great! 

     In closing and with a nod to my “Uncle Ben” I leave you his words until next time….

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”
“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy”