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Kristen Croom, MLS(ASCP), MB(ASCP)

Aloha Hawaii Pacific Chapter!

The Hawaii-Pacific ACHE chapter has many exciting opportunities for obtaining Face-to-Face (F2F) credits as well as Qualified Education Credits (QEC). The education committee has been working hard to ensure we meet our goals of providing enough credits so that our fellows and our members working toward fellowship can obtain enough credits in the state.
We wanted to take the opportunity to review the key differences and requirements for F2F and QEC. Face-to-Face credits are in-depth programs designed by ACHE to provide an opportunity for discussion and learning. 
There are two different types of F2F programs that can be provided at the local level.  Local chapters can use the Education-in-a-Box product. This product provides an outline for a 1 to 1.5-hour panel discussion about specific areas of healthcare management and leadership. Our most recent panel discussion was held at the Hawaii Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Meeting. We brought a panel together of local leaders to discuss financial sustainability within each of their respective organizations. The benefits of this program are that it is usually less cost for attendees and allows the chapter to highlight and discuss events at the local level. 
The second option for F2F credits is to provide an in-person seminar through the ACHE Choice Program.   The Choice program allows the opportunity for a national speaker to come to the local chapter and provide a presentation for F2F credits. These are a great opportunity to bring well known speakers to the local chapters and allow for those that don’t get to attend clusters and congress to hear the same types of information.  These sessions are generally more expensive for the attendees but have the added benefit of learning great information without expensive travel. We plan on bringing a speaker for the Hawaii - American Organization of Nurse Leadership (AONL) in November 2019 and possible another speaker in September 2019. 
ACHE has recently created a hybrid model for F2F credits for a Board of Governors Exam preparation course.  This program allows a local chapter access to the materials use for the national BOG prep courses at the local level. The chapter is responsible for finding local qualified individuals to teach the courses or the chapter can pay to bring in a speaker from the national program. Our board will discuss if this needs to be brought to Hawaii and Guam for those considering taking the Board of Governors Exam. 
Qualified Education credits are additional options to learn about healthcare leadership and management.  These are programs that are not designed by ACHE but meet the necessary requirements to qualify for credits. These programs must address a topic directly related to the practice of management and be conducted by qualified instructors. Our last opportunity to each QEC was also at the Hawaii HFMA conference.  The next opportunity for QEC credits will be at the New Member Breakfast in June and the Annual ACHE Breakfast in July. ACHE members are also able to self-claim QEC credits on the ACHE website. 
In order to advance to fellow an individual must obtain a minimum of 12 F2F credits and the remaining 24 may be F2F or QEC. In order to recertify a fellow must obtain 12 F2F credits and 24 of F2F or QEC credits every three years. The opportunity to gain F2F and QEC is an important part of being an ACHE member.  These credits allow members to gain valuable knowledge, network with other members and become stronger healthcare leaders. 
The education committee is very excited to continue to offer a wide variety of QEC and F2F credits for our local ACHE members. Please feel free to contact Kristen Croom if you have questions or concerns about claiming Qualified Education Credits. If you have an idea for a F2F event please email Kristen at, we are always looking for more ideas. 
As a member of the education committee we would like to thank all of you for continued support and participation in our local chapter.

With regards,

Kristen Croom
Co-Chair, Education Committee