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The Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion
Major Jackie Kim

When you hear the buzz term diversity, what comes to mind? Initially some may think of ethnic diversity, gender diversity, or even generational diversity. In addition to diversity, the American College of Healthcare Executives also values inclusion; where we appreciate diversity of experience, thought, and leaders from all walks of healthcare. Here on the islands of Hawaii and in the Pacific, not only are we in beautiful paradise, we are blessed to be in a melting pot of people and culture. I honestly believe there is something special about this place. For those that have lived here for a while, you sense that diversity and inclusion is second nature around here. Hopefully many of you know what I mean and you’ve experienced what locals call the “spirit of aloha” or the “spirit of ‘ohana”. Aloha can have several meanings, but when you get to the heart of it, it is the essence of love, respect, and compassion. ‘Ohana means family in Hawaiian, but widens its aperture to embrace everyday relationships to include family, friends, co-workers, and our community.

In the spirit of aloha and ‘ohana, the Hawaii-Pacific Chapter of ACHE welcomes diversity and inclusion. Historically, ACHE members were predominantly healthcare administrators, but recently healthcare leaders from all backgrounds are beginning to find a place within ACHE to network with others who care about health, community, and 'ohana.  Our Hawaii ACHE Chapter embraces this diversity, and welcomes all disciplines who want to engage and collaborate with others in improving the health of our island communities.  encourages  We encourage and challenge you to invite those amazing physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, all health professional leaders and innovators you work with to join our chapter! Love, respect, compassion, and family are all things that we share in our passion for healthcare. So why not join hands with a shared purpose to improve the health of our community through fellowship and teamwork.

On Friday, October 25th, we invite you and your healthcare friends to join us at our ACHE Hawaii Leadership Bootcamp. This event is open to all our healthcare ‘ohana, focusing on emerging leaders to equip them in the early stages of their career. We are excited to announce that Vice Admiral Raquel Bono will be joining us as our special guest speaker! Highlighting diversity, VADM Bono is the first female Navy medical officer to achieve the three-star rank. She attended medical school at Texas Tech University and completed general surgery residency at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Recently retired and completing her term as Director of the Defense Health Agency, VADM Bono has served an honorable 36-year military career. Additionally, our ACHE Leadership Bootcamp will include sessions on essential skills of strategic career mapping, mentoring, coaching, and building sustainable strategies to support resiliency and well-being. We have a fantastic line up of phenomenal leaders across many health professional backgrounds. Registration is open and seats are limited! Looking forward to seeing you there!