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Message from Membership Chair
By Judi Marsh

Idaho ACHE – Why Membership Matters


Why does membership with ACHE in Idaho matter?

It matters because we can do more together. With greater membership, we can promote continuing education and professional growth for healthcare executives in our state. We can foster ever increasing excellence in our profession, recruit qualified resources from other states, retain talented leaders in our own state and create a community of flourishing trailblazers right here in Idaho.

In October at the Idaho Hospital Association Annual meeting, IHEF sponsored a networking event for students and professionals. It was a perfect time to get busy executives, managers and students together to learn about each other, meet face-to-face and share our ideas about the ever-changing healthcare environment from our unique perspectives. This is just one way Idaho ACHE membership can benefit you and your colleagues, but there are many more.

IHEF is committed to growing our membership and in doing so we hope to cultivate a community of healthcare leadership excellence across our state. You, our current members, are an instrumental part of our growth opportunities. Sharing your positive experiences with your colleagues in healthcare, promoting the education and training we provide and advocating the benefits of membership from your perspective goes a long way in shaping our long-range successes. We thank you for that and for your continued allegiance to ACHE in Idaho.