Idaho Healthcare Executive Forum

Winter 2017

Leadership Message

Message from the IHEF President

By Brad Turpen

Happy New Year!  Here’s hoping your 2016 was excellent and your 2017 promises to be full of opportunity.  We wish you all the best in your adventures!  In 2016, we had the opportunities to welcome many new members, add existing members to standing committees, and congratulate current members who achieved Fellow designation.  Looking back at 2016 also leaves me incredibly grateful for the exceptional leaders who selflessly give their talents in service to our professional colleagues in Idaho to ensure IHEF continues to flourish.  We continued to make progress, further expanding and executing on our strategic plan, including goals for delivering outstanding education to our members.  Your IHEF Board Members are below.  If you have a chance, please pass on your thanks as well.   

·       Brad Turpen, FACHE – President

·       Phil Harrop, FACHE – Regent

·       Kate Fowler, FACHE – Treasurer

·       Ben Quintana – Education Chair

·       Judi Marsh – Membership Chair

·       Dave McFadyen, FACHE – Past President

·       Sandee Gehrke, FACHE – Past Regent

·       Tom Murphy, FACHE – Past Treasurer

Eric Bultez, FACHE, also deserves recognition for his work behind the scenes to keeping our website current and maintained.  Also, we finally made the decision to hire administrative support this year, Jenny Ho.  She has been a great resource and are thrilled to have her help.  Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t express gratitude to our friends at the Idaho Hospital Association.  Our partnership with IHA continues to build and we feel fortunate to have them in our corner.  You’ll continue to see your Board hard at work in 2017 to deliver on our strategic priorities. 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

IHEF Strategic Priorities 2016-2017


  1. Expand membership.
  2. Execute Sun Valley networking event.
  3. Execute additional networking events.
  4. Improve member engagement.


  1. Finalize and approve IHEF Board Manual.
  2. Finalize IHEF vision and strategy.

Exceptional Education

  1. Deliver IHEF members a minimum of 7.5 hours of ACHE face-to-face education credits.
  2. Execute education portions of McCall mid-year and Sun Valley annual convention partnership with IHA.
  3. Maintain an overall evaluation rating ≥ 4.5 (out of 5) for each face-to-face session.
  4. Ensure all educational offerings include diverse participants by leadership position, state location, serve line/health care specialty, and non-health care industry leaders. 
  5. Evaluate remote access to education for individuals and groups.

Financial Stewardship

  1. Ensure that funding support available for regional events. 
  2. Develop a budget for Board and for each educational event.

Advancement to Fellow/Professional

  1. Advance five members to Fellow this year (currently at four).
  2. Meet or exceed Chapter Excellence objectives.


  1. Get corporate sponsors to support programs, particularly with conference vendors.

Message from Membership Chair

By Judi Marsh

Idaho ACHE – Why Membership Matters


Why does membership with ACHE in Idaho matter?

It matters because we can do more together. With greater membership, we can promote continuing education and professional growth for healthcare executives in our state. We can foster ever increasing excellence in our profession, recruit qualified resources from other states, retain talented leaders in our own state and create a community of flourishing trailblazers right here in Idaho.

In October at the Idaho Hospital Association Annual meeting, IHEF sponsored a networking event for students and professionals. It was a perfect time to get busy executives, managers and students together to learn about each other, meet face-to-face and share our ideas about the ever-changing healthcare environment from our unique perspectives. This is just one way Idaho ACHE membership can benefit you and your colleagues, but there are many more.

IHEF is committed to growing our membership and in doing so we hope to cultivate a community of healthcare leadership excellence across our state. You, our current members, are an instrumental part of our growth opportunities. Sharing your positive experiences with your colleagues in healthcare, promoting the education and training we provide and advocating the benefits of membership from your perspective goes a long way in shaping our long-range successes. We thank you for that and for your continued allegiance to ACHE in Idaho.