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Student Corner
Tyson Sterling, Student Representative

 Graduation and beyond

As I write this short article, I will be graduating in less than a week with my Master's in Healthcare Services Administration.  Fellow students reading this right now who may be graduating either in either undergraduate or graduate programs can attest to the relief and sense of accomplishment that comes with the completion of a degree.  My purpose here today is to give my experience and insight for those of you who are transforming from the student role to one in which you move to the "real world".
 First and foremost, I have been almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications I have sent in to various organizations, as my fellow soon-to-be graduates will also confirm.  It is imperative that as a student, you keep your resume up-to-date.  I had the trouble of not updating my resume up until about four months ago, and within that time frame my experiences had differed greatly from even a year ago.  Being proactive and continually updating your resume as a living document means being able to sell yourself to an organization in a more organized and successful way.  
With that said, I cannot emphasize the importance of also maintaining your list of contacts and networks.  As I stated in a prior article, networking can "get your name out there" in terms of jobs, especially here in the great state of Kansas.  By utilizing this list of contacts, you can potentially gain an opportunity to showcase what you have learned and show initiative that could lead to a job opportunity.  
Speaking of job opportunities, there are plenty of them, and not just in the traditional hospital center. There are some well-known worldwide organizations in Kansas City that are healthcare-based that are expanding.  Judging from my own experience there have been some very good prospects for entry-level employment in to the health care arena.  
To close, I would just like to reiterate the importance of your resume and getting as much internship or experience that can be related to a potential entry-level job, as it will make your eventual job search that much easier.  While it is no easy task, Kansas is a great place of opportunity to start your job search.  With the evolution of health care, the type of work that we as future health care managers and executives will also continue to adapt.  Utilizing the skills and knowledge that you are gaining now as students is invaluable; identifying and selling yourself through both experience and knowledge will be a great asset as many of you will soon be entering the job search.  
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