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President's Message
Dave Engel, FACHE
Welcome to 2013.
I would like to thank many of you who took the time to join myself and fellow colleagues this past November in Overland Park during the KHA convention and annual KAHCE meeting and educational sessions. The chapter had an overwhelming attendance of nearly 100 members during our session on Nov 14th. Much thanks goes to our Education Chairman Rod Corn and his committee, our Regent, Jeremy Armstrong and fellow KAHCE members for this fine event.
As we look forward to 2013, we still face many challenges as the fiscal cliff was more of an inconvenient speed bump and still no clear direction what we as health care leaders will face. I commend each of you for your ability to share your successes and challenges over the year and willingness to carry forward our mission to provide safe and affordable healthcare in our respective communities.
Thanks to the many of you that have responded to the Chapter's request to become more involved. KAHCE leadership met on Jan 25th to work on goals for 2013. By this publication many of you will have been contacted by a committee chair. I look forward to working with each of you this next year.
Please take time to review any of the Chapter information that is on our website and feel free to contact me at with your suggestions and advice.
Thank you.
Dave Engel - FACHE
Phillips County Hospital
Phillipsburg, KS
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