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Dave Engel, FACHE
Phillips County Hospital
Phillipsburg, KS
President Elect
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Sunflower Health Network
Salina, KS
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Stormont Vail HealthCare, Inc.
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Kansas Hospital Association
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Jeremy Armstrong, FACHE
St. Luke Hospital and Living Center
Marion, KS
Adding Value to Student Membership
Jonas Varnum
New Student Committee Formed to Add Value to Student Memberships
At this time, you probably all heard how the Kansas City Local Programming Chapter recently ushered in their new beginning with a program on “Leading a Successful Multigenerational Organization.”  Throughout the presentation, leaders from different generations voiced their enthusiasm and support about working with a new generation on answering today’s healthcare challenges.  In attendance were several students from the various local universities with first-hand experience as clinicians, social workers, marketers, and other healthcare sectors, who are ready to answer the call.  One presenter brought up the surprising fact that today, more students are seeking advanced tracks to C-suite positions than ever before.  The same presenter followed with an anecdotal piece, conceeding that the alarming notion is some students out there will excel in those C-suite positions shortly (5 years or so) after graduating.
To accommodate a new wave of young professionals, KAHCE has accepted the challenge of finding various ways to enhance students and early careerists’ education and career positioning.  Throughout the summer, the board, and specifically the membership committee, have been discussing with students representing undergraduate and Master’s degrees throughout Kansas how KAHCE can add value to student memberships.  A new student committee was formed to work with KAHCE leadership to develop and implement various student-specific initiatives.  We are happy to report some of these projects are already in the mid-stages of development.  Throughout the next few months, we look forward to updating you all on our committee’s progress.  
As chairman of that committee, and on behalf of all student members, I would like to personally thank KAHCE for working to help students become better professionals, opening up doors to relationships and knowledge that supplements our education immensely.  The multigenerational organization presenters each defined how their generation viewed their work commitment.  In closing, I would like to say my fellow students today are very eager to work as hard as they can to do the job the right way.  Our generation feels we are ready to help, realize we may not be, but are very willing and prepared to do anything to prove that we are.  We look forward to working with you all in the future.
Jonas Varnum
MHSA Candidate, University of Kansas Medical Center
Consultant, PYA
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