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KAHCE Annual Meeting & Education - Save the Date: November 13, 2013
SAVE THE DATE - September 12, 2013
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Adding Value to Student Membership
Mentoring Matters
Meet & Mentor
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Dave Engel, FACHE
Phillips County Hospital
Phillipsburg, KS
President Elect
Heather Fuller, FACHE
Sunflower Health Network
Salina, KS
Past President
Janet Stanek, FACHE
Stormont Vail HealthCare, Inc.
Topeka, KS
Melissa L. Hungerford, FACHE
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS
ACHE Regent
Jeremy Armstrong, FACHE
St. Luke Hospital and Living Center
Marion, KS
Meet & Mentor
“Meet & Mentor” is a new short-term concept of 1-3  short visits between a healthcare executive mentor and a mentee with an agenda of having the mentor describe their job, answer questions, offer a facility tour or an observation or shadowing of “work in the C-suite”.  These visits would be only 60-90 minutes and the target mentees would be graduate students, new grads and early careerists.  Both the mentor and the mentee would need to fill out mentoring profile forms and sign a code of conduct agreement.  Anyone interested in being a short-term mentor or mentee should send an email to Susan Cunningham at
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