February 28, 2015
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Bob Bregant, FACHE
Steele Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Shawnee, KS

President Elect

Patricia Sanders-Hall, FACHE
The University of Kansas Hospital
Overland Park, KS

Past President

Heather Fuller, FACHE
Sunflower Health Network
Salina, KS


Melissa L. Hungerford, FACHE
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent

Jeremy Armstrong, FACHE
Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems
Beloir, KS 

President's Message
Bob Bregant, FACHE

Last Fall the KAHCE board of directors met for a day with the intent of developing goals and objectives for 2015. I appreciate the opportunity to lead the board and our committee chairs in our commitment to achieving this vision.

We cannot achieve these goals without the commitment of you, our members. The resounding theme of our plan is the importance of ENGAGEMENT. Webster's defines the word engagement as an involvement or commitment. As members I would challenge you to consider how we as a chapter can build on past accomplishments, how can we commit to becoming involved and working together over the next year?

Here are the Top 5 KACHE benefits and how you as members can be ACTIVELY ENGAGED, rather than simply PASSIVELY ENGAGED.

Passive: Don't attend a Chapter education event. Either wait for the Cluster in San Diego or just skip events all together. You will still get good information from ACHE through the web or journals.

Active: Attend both the Spring and Fall KAHCE events, April 30-May 1 and during the KHA Convention in September in Wichita. The KCLPC will also host a program on Social Media during the second quarter of the year in Kansas City.

Passive: Pay your dues, nothing more. We are glad to have you on the roster.

Active: Build our membership by encouraging early careerists and colleagues to join. Or better yet, bring a friend to one of our events. If you need information to share on the details, just ask one of your board members.

Passive: Really no need to build your network. You know everyone in your area and you attend the KHA Convention parties.

Active: Expand your Network. Attend a KAHCE Networking event associated with an educational program. You will have the chance to meet a student on whom you can make a positive impact or meet a fellow executive from another part of the state that has tackled some of your challenging issues.

Passive: Go to ACHE.org for reference materials to study for the Board of Governor's Exam. The website offers great content.

Active: Participate in the KAHCE webinar series to prepare you for the exam. And in return, the Chapter will pay for your advancement fee!

Give back to your profession:
Passive: Thank you for being an ACHE member. You are showing a commitment to your professional association.

Active: Contribute some of your time and talent to making our Chapter even stronger. There are many opportunities, including spending a few hours a year helping with one of our committees, mentoring a student/early careerist, contributing an article for the newsletter, serving on a panel during one of our educational programs or volunteering to serve on the board.

Please consider how you can attend, build, expand, participate and/or contribute to KAHCE in 2015. How can you ENGAGE? Please call me at (913) 669-8505 or email me at bbregant@steelehealth.com if you want to become actively engaged or have comments or questions for the board.

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