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Bob Bregant, FACHE
Steele Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Shawnee, KS

President Elect

Patricia Sanders-Hall, FACHE
The University of Kansas Hospital
Overland Park, KS

Past President

Heather Fuller, FACHE
Sunflower Health Network
Salina, KS


Melissa L. Hungerford, FACHE
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent

Janet Stanek, FACHE
Stormont Vail HealthCare, Inc.
Topeka, KS 

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President's Message
Bob Bregant, FACHE
I had the pleasure of attending the KCLPC Networking Event at the Museum at Prairiefire this week. This was a great gathering in a beautiful facility, bringing together over 50 healthcare professions from around Kansas City and as far as St. Louis. Since then I have reflected on the role ACHE has played in not just helping me meet my professional and career goals, but also in helping improve my personal life through building relationships with friends in the industry.

The KCLPC event provided me with two great experiences. One, I met a group of young KU students and local young executives who invited me to dinner afterwards. It was great to see the youthful enthusiasm of our future leaders as well as establish new friendships.

Also at the event I had the chance to catch up with an old pal, Denny Hachenberg, CEO of Anderson County Hospital in Garnett. Denny and I go back over 20 years to when his role at St. Luke’s Health System was regional outreach and I was a prospect as the CEO of Ransom Memorial in Ottawa. As part of the relationship building we attended a couple of Chief’s games and played some golf. We became good friends and continue to this day, but we rarely get a chance to connect. The KAHCE networking event provided a great opportunity, and it was fun hearing about his latest adventure riding his bike to Sturgis this year.

Another ACHE connection with an old friend occurred in March at Congress when I attended a Trinity University alumni function to honor one of my classmates. I had not seen John for 30 years, since we graduated. Even though we were once close, our careers took us to opposite sides of the country, so we lost touch. Again, through the mutual connection of ACHE, we became reacquainted and renewed our friendship.

I regale you with my personal stories only to emphasize that KAHCE offers opportunities throughout the year to connect with your peers and old friends. The next KAHCE educational and networking event is scheduled for September 9, just prior to the KHA Convention. I hope you plan to attend our upcoming events – I am confident you will greet some old friends and make new ones.  I hope to see you there.


Robert Bregant, FACHE
KAHCE President
Steele Healthcare Solutions, LLC

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