December 2017
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Roger Masse, FACHE
Ellsworth County Medical Center
Ellsworth, KS

President Elect

Judy Corzine, FACHE
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS

Past President
Patricia Sanders-Hall, FACHE
The University of Kansas Hospital
Overland Park, KS


George M. Stover, FACHE
Hospital District #1 of Rice County
Lyons, KS


KHA Liaison
Melissa L. Hungerford, FACHE
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent

Janet Stanek, FACHE
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS 

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From the Desk of the KAHCE President
Roger A. Masse, FACHE

As I complete my term as the 2017 Chapter President I want to reiterate some comments that I have made in the past few months either in prior newsletters or personally for those of you I have had the opportunity to work with and meet. To all of you and to Statewide members, serving in this capacity has been a privilege.

During a very long career in Health Care Management and as a long standing member of the College, I have participated in other state Chapters. I can easily say that the Kansas Chapter, from my perspective, has excelled in many ways. Our education programs have been top notch. Our sponsors for these events have been most supportive. Newsletters have been very informative and have been published on schedule. Our liaison with our military members, our early careerists, our student participants, among all others has assured ongoing sustainability and is an excellent example of across the board coordination. The list could easily go on. What is critically important is that these efforts could only be as successful as the commitments of all members, most importantly those who have served so generously on the Board and as active Committee members.

Thank you all sincerely for your hard work and for your support during this past year. I can only encourage you to continue your efforts, remain active and participate. I would also strongly encourage any chapter member who has thought that they might want to get more involved to contact any Board or Committee member and express your desire. Doing so will assure that this Chapter remains fully engaged locally and with the American College nationally. With this ever changing healthcare environment, as a profession we must be flexible, but we also must provide our recommendations and our input to assure that our concerns are addressed. As we remain a healthy Chapter, our input will be valued and you personally will feel that you have had a part to play!

Roger A. Masse, FACHE
2017 KAHCE President
Chief Executive Officer
Ellsworth County Medical Center

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